Cannot Get AOL Mail On Iphone Why?

I am trying to add my AOL account on my iPhone. But I cannot get into AOL mail there.
each time, I add my account. it says can’t connect to this account.

Normally, People user complain about such kind of issues.

when they have configured there account with the false server information or AOL server is down.

So you should review both things and be sure the server is running fine in your city.

Here I am sharing the easy way to fix the cannot get aol mail on iPhone problem. You can go ahead and use them to fix your problem.

Unlock the phone and press the home button.

  • Go to the settings and tap on accounts and passwords.
  • Now tap on your AOL account.
  • Scroll Down and click on delete account.
  • Reboot your phone after removing the account.
  • Now go to the settings again and click on accounts and passwords.
  • Scroll Down and click on add account.
  • Tap on the AOL
  • Now you will get a form, here you need to type your name, email address, and password for AOL account and then press next.
  • Finally, AOL will try to sync with the AOL mail server. Once it will sync with the AOL server. you will get a window, where you have to select the services you want for your AOL account.

So these were the steps about how to fix cannot get into aol on iPhone problem. If you need more help. you can also visit AOL mail not working on iPhone for more help.

Please turn on the mobile data, and visit the aol website on the browser directly.

let’s see if it works for you or not.

Also if you need brief details. you can visit:

why is my aol mail not working on iPhone


I cannot get new emails on the iPhone. If I use the computer.

I can receive all emails there. What should I do to fix the problem?

Let’s disconnect your iPhone from the WiFi Network and try to open the aol mail login page using cellular data.

If does open the page for you and allow you to login into the account.  this problem can be related to the Wireless network. in this case, you have to communicate with your ISP.

Otherwise, you can visit: how to fix aol mail login problems ? 


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