Change Or Remove Google Profile Picture

Change or remove google profile picture will change youtube as well as all the google service account’s profile picture. All the google services works on centralize account. So, changes made anywhere will affect on all the places.

You can change your profile photo from gmail or google accounts. Google plus used to show your complete public profile info but now this google feature has discontinued. Below are the ways to delete or replace the google profile photo:

Remove Google Profile Picture From Google Account

You can change any gmail settings from the google manage section. Changes made here reflect on all the google services. Find the steps below to change gmail profile picture:

  • Open gmail website¬†and type your email or registered phone number then click next.
  • Enter your gmail password then click next to signin.
  • In case for login issue read Fix can’t sign into gmail.
  • At the top right corner you can see small circle with your photo or letter.
  • Click on that circle and go to Manage your Google Account.

Remove Google Profile Picture

  • A new tab will open with your Google account info.
  • In the middle top of the screen you can see your photo in circle.
  • Click on that circle and drag or Select a photo from your computer.

Select Google Profile Photo

  • A browse window will open and select profile picture from your pc location and click on open.
  • Now, click on Set as profile photo button from left bottom of the screen.
  • Further, your Google profile picture has been changed.

Change Profile Photo From Youtube

As we know now all the Google account info will be same for all the google services. So, you can also change or delete account photo from youtube. Find the steps below to delete youtube profile picture:

  1. Open Youtube and click on SIGN IN from top right corner of the screen.
  2. Type your gmail id and click next.
  3. Fill your gmail password also click next again to sign in.
  4. You are now sign in and back to youtube home screen.
  5. Click on circle image from the top right corner of the youtube screen.
  6. Select on Manage your Google Account and it will
  7. Further, follow the instruction written after Manage your Google Account step.

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