How to clean macbook pro from viruses?

My macbook pro is running extremely slow due to the virus effect. Recently, I had downloaded a movie from a third party website.

Since then, It is performing lethargic. I tried to remove the viruses using some tools, but still, there is no result.

Can you tell me how can I clean my macbook pro from viruses?

Well, first of all, I will advise you not to visit such kinds of websites in the future. These website does not contain the virus only. They also do any spamming activity.

So you should always avoid visiting those websites, if you want to watch any movie, you can go to the trusted sites like- Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.,

Download the film from there.

Now let’s talk about cleaning the macbook pro and making it virus free.

There are so many good antiviruses available in the market, which can help you in cleaning the macbook pro from the viruses quickly.

Some of the most trusted brands are:

MCA fee.
Malware bytes.
These all tools are useful; you can install any one of them into your macbook and scan your macbook pro.

Let’s go ahead and download the malware bytes antivirus on macbook, now install it.

Once the installation process is completed, you need to click on scan my computer.

Now malware bytes will start scanning the macbook pro, it may take few minutes, so you need to leave your pc free till that time.

Once the antivirus finishes the scan process, it will show you several threads found on your computer.

You can select all and click on delete or remove threads.

Finally, the viruses will be removed from the computer.

You need to reboot your macbook once, and then continue using it.

After removing the viruses, if your macbook is still running slow, I will suggest you visit: why is my macbook pro running slow

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