How to delete profile picture from Gmail?

I haven’t changed my Gmail account profile picture for the last ten years. Now, my business clients want to update my profile picture for good professionalism.

I use Gmail for emails and don’t know anything else. Please let me know how to change my profile picture?

Removing a profile picture from the google account is very easy. You can process the request to delete your display picture from the google account using any one of these methods.

Method 1- 

In this method, you can hide the profile picture on your Gmail account, while it will be available on the Google profile.

  1. Let’s Open your Gmail account on a computer (in case, if you face an issue during the login process, you may visit: how to fix Gmail sign in problem)
  2. Click on your settings (little gear icon presented on the top right side), and hit the settings option.
  3. Under the general section, you need to scroll down and find my picture option.
  4. Click on the about me option.
  5. Now you will see the don’t show the profile picture click on it.
  6. Finally, press the continue button.

Method 2- 

In this method, you can change the profile picture permanently. Let’s follow the below steps into your Gmail.

  • Let’s get into your Gmail account.
  • Click on the profile picture, press manage google account.
  • Select personal info from the left menu.
  • Click on the profile picture available in the photo section,
  • Now you can upload a new picture
  • Select your photo and click on set as the profile photo.

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