Epson Printer Displays “Paper Jam Error”, But Not Paper Stuck Why?

My epson printer is displaying paper jam error but there is no paper stuck in the printer. why is it doing so? How can I fix it?

Have you tried to reboot the printer once? If not, please try to do so, and wait for a couple of minutes to get the printer ready.

Firstly, you should cancel all pending print jobs, and then you should perform the following steps.

  • Remove the papers from the tray.
  • Now pull up the printer header.
  • Remove all broken papers available inside the printer. Also, Check for the pieces carefully, if you see any lumps
  • in the printer, you need to remove them.
  • Put in the paper tray.
  • Pull down the paper header.
  • Let’s Power cycle your Epson printer once.

Now power cycle the computer as well and then try to print an image. Let’s see if it is working fine or still giving you the paper jam error.

So many times, People get jam issues after removing the broken paper due to the previous settings.
When their printer couldn’t update themselves. In such a case, you should destroy the pending jobs, and reboot the Epson printer.
once you will reboot the printer, you should do test print again. let’s see if it is working fine this time or not?

If the paper has jammed inside the Epson Printer, follow the actions here to clear the jam.

  1. First, cancel all the print jobs, if necessary.
  2. Further, open the rear panel and remove any jammed paper from the rear paper feed slot.
  3. Lift the scanner unit and check is there any torn paper piece in it.
  4. Check the error code prompts on the LCD screen and understand the error codes.
  5. Moreover, you have to fix error codes by reading its solutions.

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