7 Easy Steps To Fix Epson Printer Is Offline On MAC PC

About a week ago, I could not print or scan anything from my Epson printer using mac pc. Whenever I was trying to utilize my printer, my Mac displayed the “Epson printer says offline.” error. 

After making a few changes into the printer network and mac pc settings, I was successfully able to get my Epson printer back online.

I am sharing those techniques. If someone of you is currently dealing with the Epson printer offline problem on Mac. Please apply them on your printer and mac pc to get them back online. 

Note: if you are suffering from an offline error on windows, please visit: how do I get my Epson printer back online on windows 10? 

Epson printer is offline mac

Why Does my Mac keep saying my Epson printer is offline?

Generally, mac users face the “Epson printer says offline” problem due to few causes:

  1. Communication Error. 
  2. Epson driver problem. 
  3. The printer is in a lousy (sleep) mode. 
  4. The Mac is giving the command to the wrong printer. 
  5. Mac firewall has restricted the printer for security reasons. 

How Do You Get The Epson Printer Online On Mac? 

Once we get to know common causes for the offline problem, you must now be thinking about fixing the Epson printer offline mac issue? 

Step 1- Keep the printer active- 

Before printing something from the Epson machine, let’s make sure that your printer is not in the idle or sleep state. Usually, when the printer is in sleep or idle mode. You will get the amber power light on the printer; In that case, you have to press the power button make it active. 

Once your printer is active, you will see green or blue power light on it.

Step 2- Cancel print jobs & reboot the devices- 

cancel epson printer jobs

  • Double click on the printer icon available down at the taskbar. 
  • Cancel the print job by pressing the X icon available next to the job. 
  • Now power off the printer, computer, and router once. 
  • Reboot them and then restart the printer. 

Step 3 – review the connection settings – 

If the Epson printer is active but still showing offline status on the mac pc. Please check the network settings on the printer and computer. However, you are accessing printer via USB, please skip this step and jump to step 4. 

  1. Assure that Epson printer is joining your wifi network. 
  2. The Mac pc also has to be connected to your network only. (in a simple word, the printer and Mac ought to be in a single network).

If you are struggling during the wireless connection, please visit: why does my Epson printer won’t connect to wifi? 

Step 4- Troubleshoot USB Connection- 

Let’s remove the USB wire from the printer and mac pc once, and then reconnect it with the wifi. In case, if the Epson printer is an offline problem on mac pc. Please check the cable & restart the devices again.  

Step 5- Remove & Re-add the printer- 

Sometimes, users get the Epson printer is an offline problem on the Mac pc because of wrong property. The Mac might be using the wrong printer.

Delete & re-add the printer

So you should eliminate all Epson printer properties from the list and then re-add the printer. 

  1. Let’s open the system preference on the apple mac. 
  2. Press the print & scan option. 
  3. Select the printer property and hit the icon available downside the printer and press the delete button. 
  4. Now select other stuff and remove that one too. 
  5. Please press the + icon to add the Epson printer. 

Select the printer from the table and click the add button available at the downside. 

Step 6- Install the Epson driver into the MacBook- 

Like windows, a MacBook also requires the driver to operate any hardware. So if you haven’t installed the correct driver for your Epson printer, the MacBook will not recognize your printer and show you the offline error. 

So you need to install the latest Epson driver into your computer, that you can get from Epson official website

Step 7- Check the security settings- 

If you have already checked all settings, but can’t get your Epson printer back online on Mac. Please review the firewall and antivirus settings. Probably, the firewall is blocking the communication. That’s why you have such errors. 

So turn off the firewall & antivirus on the Mac for a minute, and then retry to print something. 

Now you will get the Epson printer is offline mac problem fixed.  

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