How To Fix Err_connection_timed_out Chrome?

I am unable to access my company’s website. I am receiving err_connection_timed_out error message all time. How do I fix this issue.

A few months ago, my mom was having a similar problem. She runs a restaurant. Her website was not working on her computers.

That time, I did a few things to fix her website loading issue. you try them.

  • Delete the cookies and junk files from the web browser.
  • Update the Jscript and adobe flash player plugin.
  • Check for the web browser update.
  • Disable the automatic proxy settings on the LAN settings.

After doing this, I reloaded the website. Guess what; the site was working completely fine. I think you should try it once.

Here are my techniques to fix the err_connection_timed_out issue. you must try them to troubleshoot the problem.

Turn Off The Firewall And VPN (Proxy) Servers –

If you are getting this site can’t be reached error message, while loading the popular websites ex- google, facebook, yahoo.

you should Disable the firewall on your computer, now try to reload the site. Let’s see what do you see there?

Check The Internet Speed –

Slow internet speed can be the significant factor behind the site not loading issue.

You should check the internet speed using the speed test or services.

If you are a victim of slow internet, you need to call your ISP and ask them to fix it.

Change The DNS Server-

Let’s change the DNS server on your computer and then try to load the pages again.

You should replace the primary DNS server with the and secondary with the

After changing the server’s ip address. you should reboot your Pc once.

Now try to reaccess the website.

Do you still get the err_connection_timed_out message on chrome?

Let’s check the web server status. Ensure that, It is not overloaded with the files. If it is processing too many files at a time. you have to kill some file data.

Also, optimize your web server, delete the heavy images and videos from the database.

Now try to load the webpage again. Let’s see what it is showing now?

In case, if you get a privacy error. you can visit: Troubleshoot your connection is not private error on google chrome. 


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