Failed Apple Developer Account Payment.

I have been trying to make apple developer account payment for like one month, but the payment isn’t reaching the bank. It status get canceled, I have used several cards which I have confirmed they are all okay.

The bank also has confirmed on their side everything is right, and they can’t even see that payment. Apple, on its side, has not been able to provide a solution.

The card that I used today was a master, and also, when it is added, it deducted 1usd then reverse by apple, but for this particular payment, it is not going through yet information is all right?

I did a small research on Apple developer program payment failed to issue and found lots of people are having the issue. Further, I found a few possibilities, which may be the reason behind payment error.

  • In the major case, people are saying might be your apple developer account disabled or expired. If you are not using a developer account till a fixed time, Apple disables that account as a developer.

In this case, you have to contact Apple from to enable your account again.

  • There is a possible difference between your bank and developer billing address. Please check and verify make both billing addresses must be the same.

For More Details Read Apple Payment Method Declined Error

  • Few banks don’t allow international payment. You have to call your bank to get access to international payment to enable or your card.
  • It is also possible you are trying to make payment away from your home location, in different states or countries.

In this case, contact the apple payment support to make sure you are the same person who is trying to make the payment from different locations.

  • You can try a gift or prepaid card instead of your master card. You can buy prepaid cards from any store like Walmart and enable it with the shop guy for the international payment. It is a very safe and simple way to make an online payment.
  • The app or software you developed is not compiling the Apple developer program. Therefore the rejected developer program can’t get approved for the payment and would give failed Apple developer account payment.

Apart from these above reasons, I am also trying to find anything else which can cause Apple payment error. Till the time, if you are getting any solution or concern, please comment below.



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