Fix Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light Problem [Best Guide]

Having a Belkin Router Blinking Orange light on the Belkin router indicates the issue related to internet settings.

Generally, people get the flashing orange or amber light on their Belkin wifi router due to the incorrect settings or ISP issue.

But sometimes, this issue may be indicating the problems related to the router itself.

If you have a blinking orange light on the Belkin router, do not worry, here in this blog, I am sharing the blog to troubleshoot the internet issue on the Belkin wifi router.

Belkin Router Blinking Orange

You can use this guide to fix the router problems.

The Quick Guide To Troubleshooting The Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light Problems- 

  • First of all, the Power of the Belkin wifi router and ISP modem for one minute. Now turn it on.
  • Let’s verify the wiring connection between the router and the modem.
  • Check the Internet Status on your DSL/ADSL modem.
  • Let’s review the WAN (internet) settings on your router. It should be configured as per your ISP requirement.

Advanced guide to fix the Belkin router flashing orange light problem- 

Step 1 – Verify the Internet Status on Modem – 

First of all, we need to verify the internet status on the modem. To do that, you need to follow this procedure.

  1. Take out the power adapter from your Belkin wifi router.
  2. Remove the ethernet wire from the router as well.
  3. Connect your modem directly to the computer using the ethernet wire.
  4. Now restart the computer and modem once.

After restarting the pc, you should surf the internet on your browser, let’s see if is allowing you to access the internet or not?

If it doesn’t allow you to access the internet, you need to call your ISP and ask them to troubleshoot the issue.

If you can access the internet on your pc, you need to proceed to step 2.

Step 2- Set up the wiring connection- 

After checking the Internet status on the DSL/ADSL modem, the next thing, you need to do is set up a proper wiring connection between the router and modem.

  1. Power off the Belkin wifi router & modem again.
  2. Take an ethernet cable and connect this cable from the Internet (WAN, modem) port of the router to the modem.
  3. Now switch on the router and modem, and wait until you see the solid lights on your devices.

Note- Please check the cable health as well; it should not be broken.

Step 3- Clone the Physical Address- 

When your modem is unable to identify the device in the network, it will not serve the internet. In such a case, your Belkin router will have a blinking orange internet light.

To fix this issue, you have to clone the mac address or your pc using the following process.

  1. Connect your computer to the LAN port of the router using ethernet wire. (do not connect your computer to the router using wifi feature)
  2. Now open the browser on your computer.
  3. Type (your router’s IP address) in the web browser and press the enter key.
  4. Expand the advanced settings option, and then click on the mac address under the WAN settings option.
  5. Press the clone button and click on the save option.

Finally, your router will save new settings and reboot itself.

Step 4 – Change the IP address – 

When your modem and router’s IP address is conflicting with each other. You will get a flashing orange or solid amber light on the Belkin router.

In this case, you have to change the router’s IP address to another subnet.

  1. Let’s access the Belkin router dashboard panel.
  2. Click on the local network settings option, under the LAN settings.
  3. Type the new IP address as and subnet mask as, now press the save button.

Update your router with recent firmware- 

When did you update the router last time? If your router is running on old firmware. It will be the most valid reason for the Belkin router orange light problem.

You should update the router firmware using the following details.

  1. Let’s expand the advanced settings on the Belkin router admin dashboard panel.
  2. Under the utilities, click on the firmware update option.
  3. Press the check firmware button; If there will be any firmware available, you will see the Download & update button, click on it.

Finally, your router will start updating itself, It may take some time, during the update process.

Hard Reset the Belkin wifi router- 

After using the above techniques, if the Belkin router is still blinking orange internet light. You have to reset the Belkin router and set it up freshly.

  1. Hold the reset button on your Belkin wifi router for 1 minute with the help of a pin.
  2. Power off the Belkin wifi router for a minute, and then restart it again.

Once you have a solid light, you can start the setup process for the Belkin router.

After using these techniques, If you couldn’t get the solid blue light on the Belkin router. There may be a chance of router failure.

In such a case, you have to replace your router.

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