[2021] Brother Printer Not Responding Problem | How To Fix?

A printer is not responding error” is one of the most common error faced by the brother users. Generally, this error occurs on the windows 10 or mac pc when they give a print command because of few reasons.

  1. Pc is unable to identify the printer.
  2. Security issues.
  3. USB cord or port is faulty.
  4. Printer driver issues.
  5. Computer requires cleaning.
  6. Several other issues with the printer.

So we now know the reason for why is brother printer not responding. Some of you may have a question about how do you fix the brother printer not responding error on mac or windows 10. Here is the way to get your brother printer working again. you may apply them on your printer and pc.

Brother printer not responding on windows 10 or mac pc

What do you do If brother printer is not responding on mac or windows pc?

Cancel print jobs and reboot the machine-

When your brother printer has stopped working on the windows 10 or mac pc. you should cancel all print jobs and reboot your printer and pc first.

For windows 10 users-

  • Double-click on the printer icon available in the task bar.Print icon, brother printer not working
  • Right click on the print job and press the cancel option.prints jobs

For mac users-

  • Click on the print icon available at the desktop.
  • Select the print job, and hit the trash icon.

After canceling all print jobs, please restart your printer and computer. Now print something from your brother printer. let’s see can it print or still not working?

Fix USB Connection –

If you are using the brother printer through USB cable connection. It is require to check the few things.

Note- these steps are applicable for USB Printers only. if you are using the wifi printer. please skip this and scroll down to fix wireless connection status.

Check brother printer problems

  • Remove the USB cord from your printer and pc and then reconnect them.
  • Connect your printer to the Pc using another available port.
  • Make sure the cable is not dead.
  • If your pc is still not finding the printer, please replace the USB cable.

Each time, when you make the changes into the printer or network settings. it is required to reboot your printer and computer.

Update The USB driver-

After changing the USB cord, if your windows 10 pc is still not recognizing the printer. you should update the USB drivers.

  • Open the device manager window on the windows pc-
  • Double click on the Universal serial bus controller.
  • Right click on the USB Driver, and press the update driver.
  • Pick the automatic method update the driver automatically.

For Mac users-

  • Press the apple icon and click the software update option.
  • If you see the pending update for USB driver, please press the download and install button to install it.

Fix wireless connection-

If your brother Wi-Fi printer is not working, you should check the Wi-Fi settings.

For the easy process, you can disconnect the printer from the Wi-Fi, and reconnect it.

If you face trouble in connection, please visit: why is my brother printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi?

Clean up the pc-

Some brother printer users get the not responding error because of the pc issue. when their pc is not well optimized. they get such errors on their machine.

So if your brother printer is also not working please make clean your pc.

  1. Scan your computer with the good antivirus.
  2. Clean the temp files, cache etc.
  3. Run sfc scan to organize the system files.
  4. Keep the primary memory free to process the command.

Uninstall/ reinstall the brother software-

After changing the USB settings, if your brother printer is still not responding. please remove the brother printer software from your pc.

Now download a latest brother driver from the official website, and install it into your pc again.

Update the printer firmware-

once you update the pc the printer software on a windows 10 or mac pc, please update the firmware too.

Because sometimes, an old firmware can also cause the issues related to the not responding error.

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