Fix Can’t Sign InTo Gmail Account Problem 2020 [Solved]

Can’t Sign InTo GmailSome users are experiencing can’t sign into Gmail problems due to Gmail outage. Although there is much more reason behind the Gmail sign in issue:

  1. They are using an invalid username or password.
  2. Google’s service is temporarily down.
  3. The web browser issue.
  4. Internet/ security problem.
  5. Account configuration error.

When you can’t sign in to your Gmail account on a computer or smartphone, you should try to sign in your account using other gadgets.

Let’s see if it is allowing you to log in to your Google account or not?

Here in this article, I will help you fix the can’t access the Gmail account problem on your computer, phone, or other devices.

 Fix Can’t Sign In To Gmail Account Problem On A Web Browser- 

Reset your google password- 

Generally, Gmail users have to suffer through sign-in problems due to incorrect email addresses/passwords. They do not input the correct password during the sign-in process.

Maybe you are also renewing the same blunder. To get rid of this error, you can modify your password.

  1. Let’s Open the Gmail recovery form on your web browser.
  2. Please input your email or phone number and press the next
  3. Enter the last password, which was working earlier, and press the next (if you don’t remember the password, press try another way link)
  4. Now Google will ask you to confirm the account ownership. So choose the confirmation method and press next.
  5. Please enter the code which you have received on your phone or email.
  6. Finally, the reset password window will arrive on your computer. Now type your new password, and press the confirm or save button.

Right after composing a new google password, you may try to login to your Gmail account again.

Two-step security problem- 

If you are unable to log into the Gmail account due to the two-step security. Let’s say you don’t have the phone on which it is sending the OTP. You can choose to try another way to sign in option and select other methods to pass the two-step security validation.

Check the Gmail services- 

Please check the current service status of Gmail in your local area. If it is down, you may face the sign-in problems on your Gmail account.

It is a temporary issue; once the server will be up, you will be allowed to reaccess the Gmail account.

To check the Gmail service status, you can visit the down detector or Gmail’s official twitter handle.

Cleaning the browsing data can fix Can’t Sign InTo Gmail- 

Sometimes, people can’t sign in to their Gmail account due to the old cookies or cache files. When the browser is loading old cookies, you might see an empty mailbox, sign in page.

Also, sometimes, it will display the loading symbol only.

On such occasions, you should clear the browsing data from your browser, than reaccess your google account.

Steps To Clean The Chrome Browser- 

  • Let’s launch the chrome browser and type chrome://history in the top address bar.
  • Now push the clear browsing data option from the menu.
  • Select the time range as all time.
  • Put a check on  Browsing history, cookies data, and cache images & files options.
  • Finally, click on the Clear data button.

Steps To Optimize The Firefox-

  • Let’s open the firefox browser on your pc.
  • Press the menu icon, and click on the options.
  • Select privacy and security from the left pane.
  • Under the cookies and site data, press the clear data button.
  • Select all options shown in the popup window, and press ok.

Easy Way To Clear The Browsing Data On Internet Explorer/ Edge:

  • Let’s go to the internet options (go to control panel > select internet options)
  • Under the Browsing history section, press the delete button.

Optimize The Safari Browser- 

  • Let’s open the safari browser.
  • Now press the safari option from the menu and go to the preference.
  • Now click on the privacy option, and press the remove all website data option.

Update the browser to resolve Can’t Sign InTo Gmail- 

Apart from the cookies issue, sometimes, users can’t access their Gmail account due to the outdated browser.

When you try to access the Gmail account on the older browser, it may not be compatible with the email’s requirement.

So you should check for the recent update If it doesn’t work yet. You can uninstall the browser and install the newest version of it.

Check the network settings- 

If you can’t sign in to your Gmail account and get any of these error messages.

  1. Your connection is not private.
  2. Can’t load this page

It shows the issues related to the network settings. In a case like this, you should check the internet connection first.

If the internet is working fine but still can’t log into your Gmail account, please make these changes into the network settings.

Change the DNS server to fix Can’t Sign InTo Gmail- 

If you see the can’t load the Gmail webpage on chrome or other browsers, you should replace the DNS server address with this address.

Primary address-

Secondary DNS-

You can use this guide to configure the DNS zone on your pc.

For Windows PC- 

  1. let’s go to the network and sharing center.
  2. Choose your adapter, click on the properties.
  3. Now select TCP/IPv4and press the properties.
  4. Finally, enter the DNS address and press the ok

For MAC Users- 

  1. Let’s jump into the network preferences.
  2. Choose your adapter and press the advanced
  3. Hit the DNS option from the menu.
  4. Now press the plus button, and enter the DNS address.
  5. Finally, push the key to apply settings.

Disable the proxy settings- 

If you are dealing with the Gmail sign in problems and getting privacy error. I will advise you to check the proxy settings and antivirus settings.

Generally, people receive the connection is not a private error because of proxy error or SSL certificate.

So you should disable the firewall or proxy settings and then try to reaccess the network and reload the Gmail login page.

Disable The Proxy On Windows Computer- 

  1. Let’s go to internet options.
  2. Press the connections tab and choose LAN
  3. Disable the proxy, if enabled, and press the ok

Disable The Proxy Server On Mac- 

  1. let’s go to the network preferences.
  2. Pick your adapter and click on the advanced 
  3. Hit the proxy option and disable the proxy.

How To Fix The Can’t Sign Into The Gmail Problem On The iPhone Or Android Phone? 

If you can’t log into your Gmail account on the iPhone or Android phone, this might be due to the few causes. Here we are sharing the solution to resolve the error.

Update the password- 

When you can’t access the Gmail account on a smartphone, let’s update your account’s password first.

For iPhone Users- 

  • Let’s go into the settings and press the accounts & Passwords.
  • Tap on the Gmail service and touch on your email account.
  • Under the password section, please enter your new password.

For Android Users- 

  • Go to the mail settings. (It may vary according to your phone company).
  • Tap on the Gmail account, and enter your password here.
  • Now press the save settings.

Check the internet connection- 

Sometimes, users can’t sign in to their Gmail account using the phone due to network connection. They do not enable mobile data or connect their smartphone to the wifi.

That’s why their smartphone can’t sync to the Gmail servers.

So please ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake.

Delete & add the account again- 

After updating and validating the user info, still can’t log into the Gmail account on the iPhone yet. Let’s delete the google account from the smartphone and reconfigure it again.

For iPhone Users- 

  • Let’s jump into the accounts and password again.
  • Tap on the Gmail or google service.
  • Under your Gmail account, you will see a delete account button. Press that button.
  • Now press the Add account button.
  • Select Gmail from the service provider list.
  • Now enter the email address, password, and other details.
  • Press the continue button.
  • Choose the google services you want to sync.

For Android Users- 

  • Let’s jump into the mail settings on your android phone.
  • Tap on the Gmail account and press the delete account.
  • Now press the Add account button, select the Gmail from the list.
  • Type the email address, password, and press the sign-in button.

Update the Gmail App- 

Sometimes, you may encounter the Gmail sign in problems on your smartphones due to the outdated app. So It would be better, you will check for a recent update. If there is any update pending, please do it through the play store.

How To Fix Can’t Sign InTo Gmail Account On Outlook, Mail App, Etc.- 

Sometimes, we can log into a Gmail account using the web browser or smartphone, but we can’t sign into the Gmail account using the outlook, windows mail, or another app.

This may be happening due to the incorrect email account configuration or firewall settings.

Here are the steps to fix the Gmail sign in problems on the outlook, windows mail, or other apps.

Check the user account settings- 

When you can’t log into the Gmail account on outlook, you should check the account settings. Probably, you have entered the wrong user information. That’s why you can’t access the Gmail account through third-party apps.

Your account settings should be matching to the following address:

Imap address-

Port no: 993

SSL: Yes.

Pop Servers-

Port no: 995

SSL: Yes.


Port no: 465 or 587.

SSL: Optional.

Enable the pop /IMAP settings from Gmail- 

Sometimes, users may face the Gmail sign in outlook problems due to the IMAP/pop server. When you don’t enable it on the Gmail account. Your apps will not be able to sync to the mail servers.

  • Let’s jump into Gmail settings through the web browser.
  • Press forwarding & Imap/pop settings.
  • Enable the servers and press the save changes button.

Allow access to third-party apps Can’t Sign InTo Gmail- 

Nowadays, Gmail is very strict about security. They consider third-party apps as insecure apps.

That’s why Gmail might block them while users are trying to access the Gmail account, causing the can’t sign into the Gmail account problem.

So you should enable the third-party apps from the Gmail security settings and then re-access your account.

  1. Go to the Google account settings.
  2. Now move to the security tab and press the allow less secure apps option.

Disable the security apps- 

Sometimes, we can’t sign into the Gmail account using the outlook or other mail app due to the security reasons.

So it would help if you disabled the security programs and then retry to log into the email account.

Reconfigure the Gmail account to solve Can’t Sign InTo Gmail- 

After using the following information, you still can’t access the Gmail account on your mail apps. I would recommend you to remove the account and add the Gmail account again with the correct details.

It will start working fine then.

So these are the steps to fix the Gmail sign in problems. In case if you face any other issues related to the Gmail login trouble.

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