Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages [Update]

epson printer printing blank pagesWhen you try to print something but Epson printer printing blank pages as output, this can make you worry.

You may get this error on any printer. It doesn’t matter; it is a new printer or old printer.

During the time, when you receive this error, Some of you might be thinking of replacing the printer or print head.

But let me be very honest with you, you don’t need to replace it.

Because so many times, Epson printer users have to suffer through printing blank pages issue because of the cartridge problem or ink settings.

Causes for printing pages-

If we begin talking about the reasons for Epson printer printing blank pages, it may be happening due to the several basic reasons.

  • Ink has been dried on the nozzle.
  • The ink cartridge is dry.
  • Print heads are messed up with dust or ink.
  • We need to change the settings on the Epson printer.

These are some common primary reasons, due to which, Epson printer printing blank page issue begins.

How Do You Fix The Printing Blank Page Issue On The Epson Printer? 

If you are suffering through printing blank pages issue on Epson printer, here is the step by step guide to solve the problem. You can take them in action to resolve the problem.

Step 1- Turn On Skip Blank Page Feature-

Let’s enable the skip blank page feature on your Epson printer, and then try to print something through your Epson printer. Let’s see what does it says now.

For Windows users- 

  • Let’s initiate the control panel on your windows computer.
  • Press the printers and hardware options.
  • Now right-click on your Epson printer icon and press the printer preference (printing preference) option.
  • Choose the maintenance tab and push the extended settings button.
  • Put a checkmark on skip blank page and click on ok.

For mac users- 

  • Let’s open the system preference window on your MacBook pc.
  • push the print & scan (print & fax, printers & scanners) option.
  • Now choose your Epson printer and click on the options & supplies button.
  • Pick the options tab from the top menu.
  • Turn on skip blank page and click on ok.

Step 2- Monitor The Ink Label- 

Let’s ensure that you have enough ink in the ink cartridge to print a document.

If you have a low ink label or empty ink cartridge, you should buy a new cartridge and install it into your computer.

To check the ink cartridge, you can follow these steps.

  • Let’s go back to the maintenance tab using the above instructions.
  • Push the Epson status monitor button.
  • Now push the Approximate Ink Levels button.

Step 3- Install New Ink Cartridge – 

If your Epson printer is printing blank pages after installing a new cartridge, It may be happening due to the several primary reasons.

  • The ink cartridge is not setup correctly.
  •  The nozzle is blocked with the tap.

In such a case, you should take out the ink cartridge from your Epson printer, and ensure the there is no piece of tap available on the nozzle.

Now install the ink cartridge back into the Epson printer, after that reboot your printer and make a test print.

Step 4 – Clean The Nozzle To resolve Epson printer printing blank pages- 

About several days back, my Epson printer was printing blank pages; that time, I found out it was happening due to the nozzle.

The nozzle was jam due to the dry ink. That’s why my printer was printing a completely blank page.

You should also clean the nozzle of your printer using these steps.

  • Let’s go back to the printing preference again on your computer.
  • Push the maintenance tab, and click on the nozzle option.
  • Now push the print option, If it is showing the nozzle needs to be clean, push the clean button.

Step 5 – Perform Power Ink Flushing- 

If your problem is not resolved yet, you can run the power ink flushing program. To do that, you can utilize these steps.

  • Go back to the maintenance option under the printing preference. 
  • Click on the power ink flushing option and press the ok button.
  • Now click on the clean or flush button.

After cleaning the power ink, you can now give a test print command again, and let’s see if it is printing a text now or not.

Step 6 – Clean The Print Head To fix Epson printer printing blank pages– 

As like nozzle issue, you may also have an Epson printer printing blank pages issue due to the print head.

So you should also clean the print head using the following steps and then reprint something.

  • Go back to the maintenance settings again.
  • Click on the print head.
  • Now click on print, If you see need to be clean in the report, you should press the clean button.

Step 7 – Run Printer Spooler Service fixes Epson printer printing blank pages- 

when you go through the Epson printer printing blank pages issue, you should restart the printer spooler service on your windows computer.

For restarting the printer spooler service, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Let’s open the run box and type services.msc, press ok.
  • Scroll down and click on printer spooler service, and press the reboot button available on the left-side menu.

Step 8 – Check Paper Size- 

Sometimes, you may get the blank page as an output from your Epson printer due to the incorrect paper size.

the paper must be fitting in the tray. If it is larger than the tray. You should change the paper.

Step 9 – Check Network Connection- 

it does not happen very often, but sometimes; users may get the blank page due to the communication fault.

When their Epson printer is not connected to wifi or dropping the connection, it may give you a blank page as an output.

Step 10 – Uninstall The Printer Driver- 

After following the above steps, if you can copy from your Epson printer but it is printing blank pages.

It shows there is an issue with the printer driver. In such a case, you should uninstall the driver and install a new driver into your pc. It will start working.

So this is the complete guide to fix the Epson printer printing blank pages issue. I hope you have resolved your issue. If not, let us know more about your printer error. We will try our best to assist you in solving the problem.

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