Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails 2020 [Best Guide]

If You ever debate with someone about top free email service company, I am sure; you can’t deny adding Gmail in the top 3 list. 

That’s all because of its services, Gmail is offering up to 99.99% running time and best security to keep you secure all time. 

But still, as we all know, nothing is permanent. Likewise, You may also have some problems with your not getting emails Some users are complaining about not receiving emails on Gmail account at Gmail product forum. 

They are unable to get new emails on their phones, computer & other devices. 

Generally, people can’t receive emails on their Gmail account due to the following common reasons. 

  1. Gmail filter is creating trouble for you. 
  2. Probably, you have blocked the sender. 
  3. Gmail is rerouting your emails to another place. 
  4. Server or account settings related issues. 

How Do You Fix The Gmail Not Receiving Emails- 

In this article, we will share step by step guide to fix the Gmail not receiving emails. You can use them to get your problem resolved. 

Step 1- Review the Trash/Spam mail folder- 

When Gmail is missing an email from the inbox, you should jump to the trash or spam you find your emails there? If yes!

Those emails might be arriving there due to the filters. That’s why you are unable to receive emails on your Gmail account. 

So you need to select those emails and move them back to the inbox. 

  • Let’s access your Gmail account on a web browser, and click on the trash folder. 
  • Select your emails, that’s you want to move into the inbox folder.
  • Press the move button, and select your mail folder. 

Once you move your emails back to the inbox, you need to jump to step 2 for deleting the mail filters. 

Step 2- Terminate all mail filters (Most Common Reason For Gmail not receiving Emails )- 

Email filters are one of the most common reasons behind Gmail not getting emails problem. 

Most of the time, people do not create an appropriate filter. That’s why Gmail doesn’t receive the emails on the inbox. So it would be best if you quickly terminated active filters using the following steps. 

  • Let’s login to your Gmail account. 
  • Click on the settings icon above the mailbox and click on the see all settings button. 
  • Now press the filters & Blocked address option from the settings menu. 
  •  Press the delete button available next to the mail filters, and press the ok button. 

After deleting the mail filters, you may ask your friend or someone to send you an email again. 

Step 3- Turn off the forwarding- 

When you enable the forwarding on your Gmail account, it will start delivering the emails to the given path. 

So it would help if you kept it disabled, to check the current settings, you can use the following options. 

  1. Just go back to the Gmail settings, and press the see all settings button. 
  2. Press the Forwarding & Pop/IMAP option from the settings menu. 
  3. Delete all email address, available in the forwarding option.
  4. Now press the save changes button. 

If you haven’t enable the Gmail forwarding by yourself, it might be possible; someone did it without your permission. 

So you should secure your account as well. 

Step 4- Check the browser settings- 

Sometimes a web browser can cause Gmail not to receive emails problem. 

So you should check the few settings and make a few changes as well. 

  • Let’s clean the browser cookies, cache & bookmarks.
  • Check for the javascript, adobe, and other plugins update. 
  • Enable the javascript, and pop up settings for Gmail. 
  • If it doesn’t work, you should reset the web browser. 

Turn off the proxy & VPN programs- 

If Gmail won’t open on your web browser and giving you a privacy error. You should check the proxy settings. Probably, you have enabled the proxy settings, that’s why you are not getting emails on your Gmail. Account mailbox. 

Also, check for the VPN programs, If there is any VPN program running. It would be best if you disable them immediately. 

Select the Default View Option for inbox- 

Sometimes, users can see the old messages on their inbox due to inbox settings. 

They have chosen the old email first option. That’s why you can’t receive the new emails on the first page of the inbox folder. So you need to follow these options to make changes. 

  • Let’s press the Gmail settings button.
  • Choose the Inbox type Default. 

Once you choose the default type for your inbox, you will start receiving the emails on your inbox. 

Check The account details (Another Common reason for Gmail not receiving Emails ) – 

If Gmail is not receiving emails on the outlook, windows 10 mail app, etc. It may be happening because you haven’t added your gmail account on mail app using the correct settings. 

That’s why your Gmail can’t receive emails. So you need to configure your account with the following settings. 

IMAP server::

Port no:: 993

SSL requirement:: Yes

POP Server Configuration – 

server address ::

Port no :: 995

SSL Requirement :: Yes. 

Outgoing server configuration – 

Server address::

Port no:: 465 or 587 

SSL Requirement:: optional.

While you will configure your account with these settings, you should also turn on the IMAP or pop settings. 

  • Go to the Gmail settings and press the see all settings button. 
  • Press the forwarding & pop/IMAP settings option. 
  • Enable the desired server and press the save changes button. 

Why Is My Gmail Not Getting Emails on my iPhone or Android phone-

When Gmail is not receiving emails on the iPhone and giving you some errors, you need to follow this guide. 

First of all, you need to check the internet connection on your device, make sure your device is accessible to the internet. 

Update the Gmail password- 

Most of the time, users are not getting emails on their Gmail account due to incorrect accounts. 

Likely, the phone is using an incorrect or old password, which isn’t working anymore. That’s why the phone is unable to sync with the Gmail server, and you can’t receive the emails on your Gmail account. 

So you should update the password on your iPhone using the following settings.

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone, and hit the passwords and accounts option. 
  • Tap on your email account, and scroll up to reach to the email server. 
  • Now update your new password, and press the done or save button. 

Remove & add the account again- 

If you can’t receive the emails on your Gmail using the iPhone yet. I will recommend you to delete the email account and add it again using the valid settings. 

  1. Go to the settings on the iPhone and hit the passwords and accounts option. 
  2. Tap on your Gmail account and press the delete button. 
  3. Now you will see the account configuration option, click on the delete icon. 
  4. Finally, your account will be deleted. Now press the Add account button. 
  5. Choose Gmail and press the next button. 
  6. Now add your email address and other details and follow the procedure to add the email account again. 

So these are the steps to get Gmail not receiving emails problem. In case, if you’re facing any kind of other problems. Please share your problem with us. We will troubleshoot the problem for you.

15 thoughts on “Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails 2020 [Best Guide]”

  1. Hi this is Abdul Habeeb i am getting problem with my gmail as I’m not receiving any incoming email in my gmail account.
    Please help me and take me out from this problem and solve this issue as i have to rcvd very important emails from my company,college and academic
    My gmail account is :- [email protected]

  2. I am unable to receive new emails through Gmail on my Samsung note 10 phones, I have checked few things, which is listed below. but still not working.
    1. There are no email filters available in my Gmail account.
    2. I am using the Gmail official app.
    3. Pop settings are enabled on my Gmail account.
    4. The account details are correct.

    If I log in my Gmail account on chrome using windows 10 pc, there is no issue with it. all recent emails are there.

  3. How do you fix a Gmail account, which is not receiving some emails? While other emails are coming without any delay.
    I am asking this because currently, I am going through such a face. I don’t get any emails from my HR team.

  4. I have not received an email in my Inbox since February 9, 2020
    I have tried following instructions to fix the issue and nothing has helped
    Could you please help me. My husband has cancer and I have insurance people trying to contact me.
    I do not want to set up a different account because this account is what registered at all the doctors offices.
    thank you

  5. I was not getting emails from gmail on macbook or other devices, After visiting your article, I found out, there was an issue with POP settings, I had chosen the Delete gmail’s copy.
    So I restored it to the keep gmail’s copy in the inbox, now I can get new emails on my gmail.

  6. Why is gmail not getting emails on my outlook 365 and keeps asking me to enter the email password again and again?
    My all new emails are available on the gmail official website, and iphone, it’s happening with the outlook only.

  7. I can’t receive the emails from 1st may 2020, I have confirmed from the senders. they are sending me some emails. but those emails are not coming to me. Also they are getting some delivery fail error in reverse.
    Meanwhile, I have also checked the deliver folders, my emails are not there. Can you tell me where are they going then, and How do I get them fixed?

  8. Have not received emails issue on my Gmail account, It has been more than 2 days. there is no new email on my Samsung galaxy phone. What according to you the cause maybe?

  9. Finally! I got the solution for Gmail not getting email problem, this error was occurring on my account due to the forwarding issue, I was forwarding my emails on the other account but forget to check the Keep My Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
    That’s why Emails was not appearing in the inbox. So I did the following things.
    1. I went to the forwarding settings on my Gmail account.
    2. Then I had to select Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox from the dropdown menu under forwarding.
    3. Pressed the save button.
    Now All emails are also arriving in the inbox.

  10. I have not been able to receive any emails through my Gmail. I have never had it set to any type of forwarding, therefore there should not have been any changes. I have done everything from others comments and it has not helped me see or retrieve my emails out of Gmail. The last date i received an email was on April 20, 2020. I also have another gmail account which that email is working fine and receiving emails. I’ve myself sent emails to my troubling gmail as well as I’ve also had others email me to no avail. My supervisor received an error/delaying message email when sending me important emails from work.I don’t have any importance in my alt email. I need access to my PERSONALIZED GMAIL ACCOUNT where i receive my employer and insurance information which are deemed VERY IMPORTANT. I just want someone to get in contact with me somehow to assist with this matter at hand. Thank you in advance.

    • Can you ask your supervisor or other senders, what is the error code they are getting along with the delivery fail message?
      so we have assist you according to that?

  11. Someone needs to sort these problems out ASAP. I ha e not received any emails on my windows 10 laptops since November 2019. I have no problems with my Apple devices.

    Messages “Your account settings are out of date “ “Fix account” pop up. Follow that through and sign in to windows via google sign in and a box come up with the following:

    Read compose send and permanently delete all your email from google.

    See edit download and permanently delete all your contacts.

    See edit share and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using google calendar.
    Who the heck is going to agree to that?
    Not me. This problem has been going on a long time and it is about time someone sorted it out. I will definitely be buying Apple for my next device.

  12. I’m 70 years ole & afraid to do anything. I haven’t received email messages since 5/9/2020. My settings button is in the lower left hand corner & when I click on it, there is no “Filters & Blocked Addresses” as you stated above in “Remove the filters”. What now?

    • Please Disable the forwarding settings if it is enabled. Also, can you please tell us, which device do you use to access the email?


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