Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Problem [Solved]

When you think about hassle-free and most secure email service, Gmail will be the first name that comes into everyone’s mind. It is one of the most classy and trendy email service, which is provided by google but enjoyed by everyone. 

It’s all because of its user-friendly control panel. Gmail is offering a straightforward control panel, through which you can manage your account settings. 

But still, as we all know, nothing is permanent in this world. Something happens with the Gmail account as well. 

Sometimes Gmail might be a victim of some glitches. Gmail isn’t receiving new email is one of them. 

Gmail not receiving emails, can't receive emails on gmail account


If you have a look on google product forum, you will see many Gmail users are complaining about not getting the new emails problem, and looking for the solution online. 

Some of them find a way to fix the can’t receive emails on Gmail account problem, while others are still seeking the guide. 

Keeping that in mind, Today, we are writing this article about how to fix Gmail isn’t getting emails. If you want the solution for your problems, you may stay tuned with this article and follow the instructions to correct the problem. 

Causes Behind Gmail isn’t receiving Emails- 

There can be countless reasons for Gmail isn’t getting new emails. It depends on the error messages or scenario of that time. 

But Here are some valid causes behind not receiving emails on google account. 

  1. Email filters are sending the incoming emails to another destination. 
  2. Gmail storage is full. 
  3. You have turned on the Gmail forwarding settings. 
  4. Browser or mail app is unable to sync with the Gmail server. 

Fix Gmail not getting emails problem – 

Now we know the causes for Gmail not getting emails problem. Now without wasting more time, Let’s go ahead and Troubleshoot The issue.

Check The Gmail Storage- 

Whenever you can’t receive new emails on your Gmail account, You should check the storage space first. 

We all know google is providing 15GB Space free for their services including- drive, photos and mailbox etc. 

If you aren’t well optimizing the Storage Space. Your account will run out of Space; in this situation, you won’t be able to receive the new emails on your yahoo account. 

Gmail storage Problem

So you should check the storage capacity. If you are getting the Gmail storage is the full error message, you have to delete the unnecessary files, photos and emails from your browser.

Google is also offering paid cloud storage, So If your storage space is filled with the essential files, you may buy more storage space from Google. 

Delete The Email Filters- 

If your Gmail isn’t receiving new emails on inbox or a specific folder. 

You should review the spam or other folders if you find your new mails landing there. It means some email filters are working in the background, and they are moving your emails to the junk, spam or other folders. 

Gmail filters

In such a case, You should permanently delete the email filters using the given steps.  

  • Let’s Sign in to your Gmail account. 
  • Click on the Gear icon ( mail settings) appearing on the top of the mailbox and choose settings. 
  • Click on the filters and mail address tab from the settings menu. 
  •  Now Select All filters and click on the delete option. 

Turn Off the Gmail Forwarding Settings – 

This is the most common reason behind not receiving emails on Gmail account. 

Most of the time, People don’t recognize, but they enable the forwarding settings by mistake.

Due to which, New emails will stop appearing on your mailbox, and they will be directly jumping to the given email address. 

Gmail forwarding

If you can’t receive emails on your Gmail account, please ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake. 

If you find the forwarding feature enabled on your Gmail account. you should go onward and turn it off. 

  • Go back to the settings on your Gmail account. 
  • Click on the forwarding & POP/IMAP settings, 
  • Now If you see any email address in the forwarding section, you need to click on the remove account. 
  • Finally, Click on the Save settings. 

Optimize the browser- 

Sometimes, People might not be getting emails on their Gmail account due to the browser issue. 

If their browser is unable to using expired cookies, or it is not up to date. 

To identify the issue, You may try to log into your account on a different browser. 

If you see your emails there, It means the issue is related to the browser. In such a case, you should factory reset your browser and update it. 

Instructions to reset the chrome browser: 

  • Open the google chrome and type chrome://settings, press enter. 
  • Now click on advanced,
  • Please scroll down and click on restore setting to their original default. 

Steps to reset the firefox

  • open firefox and click on help from the top menu. 
  • Click on the troubleshooting information. 
  • Press the Refresh Firefox button. 

Steps to reset the safari – 

  • Click on the Safari icon from the Dock menu. 
  • Now click on reset safari. 
  • Finally, you will see a confirmation message, click on yes. 

Check the google server status – 

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes; users may be unable to receive emails on Gmail account due to the server issues. 

When google server is down, you won’t be able to receive the new emails on your Gmail account. 

IS Gmail Down, Gmail not getting emails

So you should check the google server-status If you find the Gmail server is down in your locality. 

It would be best if you waited until it starts running fine again. 

For checking the Gmail server status, you may visit: down detector or outage report. 

Enable IMAP or pop settings- 

If your Gmail account is not receiving emails on outlook or any third-party app, and getting the pop or IMAP failure error message. 

You should ensure that you have enabled the pop or IMAP settings for your Gmail account. 

You may check the pop settings using the following steps- 

  • Get yourself into the settings of your Gmail account. 
  • Select the forwarding & IMAP/pop settings. 
  • Enable the IMAP or pop server, whichever you are using. 

Select the keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox- 

If you are using the pop server, never forget to select the keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox option. 

keep gmail's copy inbox-min-min

Otherwise, you will not be receiving new emails on Gmail account. They all will be landing into the mail app. 

  • Go back to the pop / IMAP settings on your Gmail account again. 
  • Select Keep gmails copy from the drop-down menu and clicks on the save settings. 

Check the firewall & antivirus settings- 

When you can’t receive emails on your Gmail account using the mail apps. you should check the computer security programs. 

Most probably, your programs are blocking the connection. That’s why you can’t receive the emails on your Gmail account. 

I would be best If you turn off the firewall & antivirus for a while, and then refresh the mail folders. 

Also, If you are unable to access the Gmail website, you may follow these instructions. 

Some Frequent question asked by Gmail users- 

Why is Gmail not receiving emails from some users? 

Usually, it happens when you have blocked them on your account. So check the block address settings, 

If you see their email address in the list. you need to remove their account. 

If you don’t find the email address in the block address list, then you should ask them to verify the email account. 

Most apparently, they are enrolling the incorrect email address. That’s why you are not receiving emails on your Gmail account from them. 

Also, you may send a test mail to them, and ask them to reply on the same email.

Can’t Receive Emails On Gmail Using The iPhone-  

If your Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone, you should remove the account, and add it again using the correct account information. 

gmail not getting emails on iphone

  1. Unlock the iPhone, and go to the settings. 
  2. Click on the mail, calendar and accounts (you will see password & accounts etc. on IOS 13) option. 
  3. Tap on your email account. 
  4. Now Click on remove account.  

After removing the accounts, you should re-add the google account using the given instructions. 

  • Go back to passwords & accounts settings. 
  • Click on the add account. 
  • Select the google account. 
  • Enter your Gmail account, and password etc. and click on next. 
  • Select the services, you want to use, and click on ok. 

Thank you for reading this article. 

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