Fix Gmail Storage Full Problem Easily

gmail storage fullWhen your Gmail is not receiving emails and giving you storage full error message, you should think of cleaning the google cloud storage or upgrade it.

As we all know, Google provides 15 GB free storage space for its services to each account.

Which includes, Google drive storage, photos, emails, and other valuable cloud storage.

If you do not optimize the google cloud storage space from time to time, It may get full very soon.

So keep cleaning your drive storage space as soon as possible and do not keep unnecessary data into your drive or Gmail.

If you are also getting Gmail storage full error message on your Gmail drive, you can follow this guide to optimize the storage space.

How To Free Up Gmail Storage Space- 

Remove The Old And Useless Messages-

When you want to remove the Gmail storage space full error message from your mailbox.

You should start deleting the emails first. You should all those emails which are not in use anymore—also, the junk files.

After deleting the storage space, you should wait for an hour to see the effects.

Delete Social And Promotional Emails which causes Gmail storage full- 

Let’s begin with deleting the social and promotional emails. Every day, people receive more than 20 to 30 emails into Gmail’s social or promotional folders. 98% of these emails are useless. They are just a reminder, notification, or marking emails.

If you do not clean up these mail folders very quickly, they will be consuming lots of space.

Delete The Emails From The Sent And Other Folders- 

After cleaning the social folders, It’s time to clean the other folders like- sent, spam, and other folders.

You should log in to your Gmail account, and check all old emails available in these folders.

If you are not useful anymore, you should remove them from your account.

Also, do not keep the mails with attached files, images. They consume more space.

Clean The Trash Folder As Well- 

When you delete the emails from your other folders on your Gmail account, Ensure that they do not exist in trash folders.

However, If you see any emails in the trash folder, just hit the empty trash now button.

So it can clean the trash folder.

Clean The Google Drive- 

So many times, we do not pay much attention while downloading some files through the internet or storing them into the google drive.

If you will open your google drive, and see there will be so many useless files or folders available in the folder.

You should delete all of them. Keep the vital files and folders only.

Once you delete these files, you should also remove them from your trash folder, and then press the refresh button again.

In short, you need to do this:

  • login to your google drive account
  • Select the Files, images, and folders; you need to delete.
  • Push the delete icon.
  • Now go-ahead to the trash folder.
  • Push the delete icon to delete forever.

Delete The Photos- 

After cleaning the Gmail & drive, It’s a time, to remove some photos from the google photos account.

When you use an Android smartphone and sync it to the google photos, It will automatically upload the images into the google photo.

So you should delete all optional photos from your google account.

Also, please do not upload any large images into your account; it will consume more Gmail storage space.

Before uploading it into your account, think about compressing this image into a lesser size.

It will help you in storing more images.

  • Get into the Google photos.
  • Select your photos, and click on delete photos.

Upgrade The Gmail Storage to fix Gmail storage full problem- 

If you have deleted the files, but still couldn’t manage enough free storage space for the future.

Do not worry; Google gives you a paid feature to upgrade your storage space. You can update your storage space as much as you want, and they will charge for it every month basis.

If you are interested in upgrading Gmail storage, you can visit:

and choose your plan, which is suitable for you.

Now you can make the payment using the debit card or credit card.

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