How to fix Google Chrome Crashing and Freezing problem?

My Google Chrome browser keeps crashing after few minutes of use. I have to restart again and again. How can I solve this browser crashing issue?

Google chrome crashing problem is one of the biggest problems faces by everyone. The person who is using the Internet once in a while has faced a slow or freezing problem with the Google Chrome browser.

This can be easily solved by following below steps-

  • First and best advice reset or refresh your Google Chrome browser.
  • Clear or clean saved cookies and password.
  • Remove unwanted saved bookmarks from Google Chrome browser.
  • Remove unwanted software including any Antivirus which is outdated or expired.
  • Using unknown anti-virus protection is more harmful rather than without protection.

It may solve the issue.

Google chrome regularly saves users information temporary as cache and cookies. As much you surf its keep saving information. One time it is possible your computer system is not able to handle all the saved cookies and cache.

This is one of the main reason for google chrome crashing. The solution is to upgrade your computer specification or keep refreshing your Google chrome browser from time to time. It is the safest way to settle the crashing problem with chrome browser.

Most of the people use third-party extensions. Some extension is very useful and some are just stealing our browsing information. First, avoid using any type of extension because it slows down browsing speed.

Google chrome crashing may happen due to the extension. Remove unwanted installed extensions from google chrome browser.

  • Click on three dots from the right top corner of the Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to more tools and select Extensions.
  • Here you can see all the extension installed in your Google Chrome browser.
  • Remove all installed extensions from here one by one.


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