Fix iPhone Not Receiving Yahoo Email?

iPhone is one of the most using mobile phones in the world. Nowadays people are doing almost every work with their smartphone. Sometimes iPhone not receiving yahoo email can stop your works.

iphone not receiving yahoo email

Issues related to the account syncing with iPhone also causes not getting yahoo emails. But the good part is, it is not hard to fix it. You can easily troubleshoot not getting emails problem by restarting the iPhone or switching internet connection.

Still not able to resolve the issue apply the steps on your yahoo account as well as iPhone:

Step 1- Check Internet Connection-

Check the cellular data or wifi connection-

Before you go ahead and think about troubleshooting the problem ensure that you have the internet on your iPhone.

  • Click on menu >> settings on your iPhone.
  • Click cellular data and enable it.

If you want to use the wifi connection –

  • Go to the settings and click on wifi.
  • Tap on your network name and type your password.

Step 2- Refresh The Mailbox-

Sometimes, your mail app may not refresh itself automatically. So you need to refresh the folder on your mail app manually.

Just hold and drop & release the yahoo mail screen to refresh and sync with the yahoo mail server.

Step 3- Check The Password On Mail App-

If you get the can’t connect to the yahoo mail server or similar to this error message, check the account configuration, and update the yahoo password on your iPhone.

  • Go to the settings and click on mail, contacts, and calendars. (If you have a recent IOS version device, you will see Accounts option).
  • Touch the yahoo account and scroll down to reach the password section.
  • Type your yahoo mail login password and click on done or save.

Step 4- Remove And Re-Add Yahoo Mail Account-

Remove from login devices and re-adding can also fix the yahoo mail app-related issues. You can remove the phone or devices and re-add them using the information given below:

  • Go back to the mail then accounts or calendars settings(latest ios users needs to go to the settings>accounts )
  • Tap on your yahoo mail account
  • Click on the delete account option.
  • Click on ok.
  • Now click on the add accounts button
  • Select yahoo mail as your service provider.
  • Type your yahoo email address, password, and push the OK button.

Finally, your account will be added to the devices. Further, you may open the mail app and check do you receive the new emails there or not?

Step 4 – Enable Pop Or IMAP Settings To Start iPhone Not Receiving Yahoo Email-

If you are getting the IMAP or pop related error during the yahoo mail not receiving email issue on iPhone. You need to do the following things.

  • Enable the pop settings on your yahoo account.
  • Ensure that the yahoo account configuration details are matching with the following details.

Server name-

Port no- 993

Server name-

Port no- 583

Step 5 – Use The Yahoo Mail Official App-

You should always use the yahoo official app on your iPhone. There are lots of third-party mail applications are available in the market. These apps are not secure and most of the time get a delay in mail delivery.

Now configure your account on it, and start using it. It will troubleshoot the problem. Apart from that if you have trouble receiving emails on other devices fix it from Why Is My Yahoo Not Receiving Emails 2020?.

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