Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging?  

Check the cut and spark on the wire if the Lenovo laptop battery is not charging even plugged into the ac adapter. The issue might be related to the Lenovo laptop battery or some other parts associated with the laptop itself.

You need to check laptop parts involving in the charging function. Now you must be worried about how do you get rid of this issue.

Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging

Well, do not worry, here in this blog, I am sharing the techniques to fix the charging issue.

These tricks will help you in troubleshooting the issue by yourself.

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Techniques To Fix The Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue- 

Parts involving Lenovo laptop battery charging also related solutions have been described below. Further, you can read and apply it one by one, if the previous one is not helping to fix the laptop charging problem.

Check The Power Adapter-

Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging

Whenever your Lenovo laptop is not charging, Check the power adapter first.

Please make sure the power cable is not broken, and it is working completely fine.

If you have an extra pair of charging adapter, you should try to charge your laptop with a new charging adapter.

Let’s see if it is charging now or not. If you do not have another power adapter with you, then you may use these techniques to test your charging adapter.

  • Disassemble the battery from your Lenovo laptop.
  • Connect the ac adapter to the computer.
  • Now Power on the laptop.

If you can boot your Lenovo computer successfully, then, there seems to be no issue with your charging adapter.

Review The DC Adapter- 

When you take out the battery from your laptop and turn on your computer using the ac adapter, but it does not turn on.

There might be an issue from the DC connector side, maybe the DC connector’s wire is broken, or something is stuck in the charging socket.

That’s why the ac adapter is not connecting correctly, and it is causing the laptop not charging issue.

So first of all, you should clean the charging socket with the help of a pin or clip.

Now open the laptop and check the dc adapter if you see the wire disconnected. You need to attach that wire.

Battery Issue can create Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging Issue- 

If you do not see the charging sign or light on your Lenovo laptop, there might be an issue related to the battery. So it would benefit if you complete the following things.

  • Shutdown the laptop if it is power on.
  • Remove the battery from your Lenovo laptop, and plug in the charger.
  • Push the power button to turn on the laptop and boot it once.
  • Once your laptop boots itself, now shut down it once again, and remove the charging adapter.
  • Insert the battery into your laptop and plug it in the charger.

Now check, do you see a charging light on your Lenovo laptop?

Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging

If you see the Red Cross on the battery icon, while you power on your laptop, it means the battery is dead. That’s why your Lenovo laptop has stopped charging. In such a case, you have to replace the battery.

Check Battery Threshold- 

If you are using a vantage program on your Lenovo laptop, and it stopped charging about an entirely certain percentage.

For example- If your Lenovo laptop starts charging at 35% and it stopped charging 55% or something. It means there is a custom threshold enabled into your computer. That’s why it is not entirely charging the battery.

In such a case, you have to disable the custom threshold or set it up in the following settings.

  • Go to the power settings on your Lenovo laptop.
  • Choose the custom threshold.
  • Turn off the threshold.

Now save the settings and restart your Lenovo laptop once.

It will start charging the battery after the reboot process.

Power Reset The Lenovo Laptop – 

Sometimes, your laptop requires a power reset process for once. So it can release the existing power from the ic’s, and then it will start charging the laptop.

So you should also try the power reset process on your Lenovo laptop using these tricks.

  1. Remove the power adapter from your Lenovo laptop.
  2. Disconnect the battery from the Lenovo laptop as well.
  3. Now hold the power button on your laptop for 10 seconds.
  4. After releasing the button, you may insert the battery and the power adapter. Now turn on your laptop.

Update The Battery And Ac Adapter Driver To check Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging issue- 

Sometimes, you may have a Lenovo laptop battery not charging issue due to the driver problem.

When the drivers are outdated, they will not be able to drive your hardware correctly.

In such a case, your laptop may not be able to charge itself.

Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging

So, in this case, you should update the battery and ac adapter drivers on your computer.

For updating the driver, you may use this guide.

  • Open the device manager window (run > devmgmt.msc > ok)
  • Expand the batteries or power section,
  • Now right-click on each driver one by one and click on update driver.

Finally, the driver update process will begin; you may go ahead and start updating the other drivers using the same method.

Uninstall The Lenovo Energy Management Application- 

If your Lenovo laptop is plugged in but still not charging, you should uninstall the Lenovo energy management application.

Update the bios settings to fix Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging- 

If you have already checked the above things, however, your laptop battery can’t charge itself.

You should check the power management settings on bios.

Motherboard Or Power Ic Related Issue- 

If you don’t find anything wrong with the bios settings, it means there is some fault in the power ic or motherboard.

That’s why your laptop is not charging. In this case, you should visit the nearby Lenovo service center and tell them about your situation; they will fix it.

So these are the instructions about how to fix a Lenovo laptop, not the charging issue. I hope you will discover this blog helpful.

If you have any thoughts related to the Lenovo laptop, let us know via comment.

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