Fix Linksys Router Not Working Problem Easily

As the world is growing, wifi is becoming the primary necessity for home and office both. That’s all because most of the tasks are being performed on the internet. Not only this, but people also love to entertain themselves with digital content. 

To keep your gadgets connected to the infinite digital world, there is a requirement for the excellent wifi access point, which can keep your devices connected through the WAN network and serves the internet flawlessly. 

linksys router not working

When it comes to choosing the best wireless router, there are few companies, on which users can trust easily. Linksys is one of them; Linksys is an expert in manufacturing the user-friendly network devices. 

There router’s are most popular across the world. That’s all because it has a user-friendly control panel, and also it serves a hassle-free internet connection. 

There is no doubt, Linksys router is a perfect router for every environment, but still, sometimes, it may create some troubles in your network. 

Linksys router quit working one of them? 

When your Linksys router is not working, it shows the error related to internet settings or hardware itself. 

But it’s not too hard to make your router working again. If you follow this article correctly, you will get the solution. 

Complete guide to fix Linksys router not working smoothly by yourself

Power cycle the devices- 

Most of the time, you can resolve the Linksys router not working issue by just rebooting your gadgets. But it should be in the given order.

  • Remove the power wire from your Linksys router. 
  • Remove the power wire from your DSL / ADSL modem as well. 

Now, wait for 1 minute and plug in the power cable in the following sequence. 

  • Plugin the power adapter into your DSL / ADSL modem, and wait for 45 seconds. 
  • Plugin the power adapter into your router, and wait for 1 minute again. 

Once you get the steady lights on your router, check what color of light you are getting on an internet indicator? 

If you have a blinking orange internet light on your Linksys wifi router, you should implement the next step. 

 Check internet connectivity- 

So many times, people are complaining about the Linksys router not working issue due to the modem or internet connectivity issue. 

When users are not getting internet from the ISP, their router will automatically not able to serve the internet. 

There are two methods to verify the internet status from ISP.

  1. Check the internet light on your DSL modem; If it shows blue or green light, It means there is no issue from ISP, It turns red or orange, It means there is a fault with The ISP. 
  2. Disconnect your Linksys wifi router from the modem, and connect your modem directly to the computer. Now try to reach any website. 

If you find the issue related to the ISP, you can make skip the rest of the steps and have a word with the ISP first. They will resolve the issue. 

Inspect the cable connection – 

Have you checked the connection between the router and modem? So many times, the Linksys router stopped working due to the wrong wire connection setup. 

So you should examine the cable connection. It should be in the given method. 

  • Your modem should be attached to the WAN (internet) port of the router. 
  • Your computer should be attached to the LAN (local) port of the router. 

Check the Cable or connector health- 

Never use a broken Ethernet cable for the connection. If your Ethernet cable is broken, you may replace it with a new cable. 


Does the same thing with the adapter as well, If it is broken, replace it immediately. 

Review internet settings- 

If your Linksys router is not connecting to the internet, it may be happening due to the invalid internet settings. 

Each isp is offering different kind of connection types like-

intenret setup

  1. Static connection.
  2. Dynamic connection
  3. PPPOE type. 

So you should confirm the internet settings from your isp, and configure it according to them. 

Update the router firmware- 

When you do not update the firmware regularly, it may cause the Linksys router not working problem. 

So you should keep updating the router firmware and checking for the recent updates. To update the firmware, you may use these actions. 

linksys router firmware

  1. Visit the Linksys router official website to download the firmware. 
  2. Initiate the Linksys router admin board. 
  3. Push the advanced tab, and bang on the firmware update. 
  4. Now upload the firmware file, and click on the save changes. 

Finally, your router will update the firmware, and it will reboot itself. 

The router is overheating- 

Overheating is one of the most valid issues on the Linksys router, which causes the Linksys router not working trouble. 

If your router is more than 3 or 4 years old, It may get overheat quickly. In such a case, you should turn off your Linksys entirely for 5 or 10 minutes every day. 

It will help you in keeping your router healthy and resolve the router stopped working issue. 

Factory reset the router- 

After obeying the earlier steps, If your Linksys router doesn’t work fine yet. You should factory reset your router and configure it again using the correct settings. 

To reset your router, you need to press and hold the reset button by using the pin or paperclip. 

Now release the switch and reboot it once. After that, you should begin the Linksys router setup process. 

Punch the Ethernet port- 

If you are getting unidentified network error on a specific port, It means that port is not correctly connected to the motherboard (PCB board). In such a case, you should open the top router panel and punch the Ethernet port. 

So these are the steps to troubleshoot the Linksys router not working problem. 

I hope It has helped in resolving the Linksys wifi router stopped working issue; if you have any other query related to the Linksys wifi, please feel free to ask us via comment. 

We will reply to it with the proper solution. 

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