Why Linksys Power Light Blinking Problem?

Linksys power light blinking indication does not allow to surf on the internet. Power light flashes or steady red. In some cases light maybe orange.

This kind of error will jam all types of network activity. In other words, your devices may not be able to communicate with the other devices available in the local network.

These are a few common reasons for flashing power light on your Linksys wireless router. The reasons have described below:

  • Cable loose between router and modem.
  • Damage power adapter cable.
  • Linksys router firmware problem.
  • No internet from the internet service provider.
  • The power supply issue of Linksys router rises blinking light.

You must be wondering how to troubleshoot the Linksys router blinking power light problem?

Linksys Power Light Blinking

Well don’t worry, this is the complete guide to troubleshoot such problems. Read the below guide to troubleshoot your network issue.

Steps To Fix Linksys Router Power Light Blinking Problem.

Step 1- Reconnect all the Router wires

Turn off Linksys router and modem. Unplug all the cables from your devices likewise router and modem.

Clean any dust or tiny particle stuck on the cable jack or port. Connect once again all the cable into the same port as it was before.

After reconnecting all the wires most of the time fix the Linksys power light flashing issue.

Step 2- Check the power wire

Why Linksys router power light blinking orange is the most common issue? When your router is having problems with the power supply, it will keep rebooting itself. It will start a flashing red light on your router.

It generally happens due to the two reasons:

  1. The power wire is faulty.
  2. Loose power jack.

In such a case, you should inspect the power wire first. Let’s make sure it should not be broken, and the power jack is fitting to the router correctly.

Also, change the power circuit board, plug your router to the other power board, and leave it free for 1 minute.

Let’s see if you get the green light or still flashing orange light.

Step 3- Replace the power adapter of the Linksys router

Users have also complained a faulty power adapter can create Linksys flashing error. Replace the router power adapter and check the problem again.

An adapter may damage due to a spark in your power board. So, check your power board connection also before using a new adapter.

Step 4- Reboot the router can solve Linksys power light blinking

If you don’t find any issues with your power adapter, you should think of power cycling the router once.

So Detach the power wire from your router for a minute, and then reattach it. Now let your router reboot itself.

Once your Linksys router begins the reboot process, you should leave your router free for 70 seconds.

After that, let’s see what color of power led light do you see on your Linksys router?

Step 3- Let’s set up a static IP on your computer

If your computer is connected from the router via ethernet wired or wireless connection and it is still showing an unidentified network status with blinking power light.

You should set up a static IP on your computer using the steps given below:

For Windows users- 

  1. Let’s launch the run box by pressing the Windows + r Key on your keyboard together.
  2. Type NCPA.CPL in the run box and hit the ok key.
  3. Now Right-click on your network adapter and press the properties option.
  4. Choose TCP/IPV4 from the list and push the properties button again.
  5. Press the use the following IP address radio button and start typing the following addresses.
    • Ip address-
    • Subnet mask-
    • Default gateway-
    • In the preferred DNS option type- or
  6. Now press the ok button to save these settings, and then hit the ok button on the network properties window again.

For mac users- 

  1. You need to open the network preferences first >> select the network interface and press the advanced button.
  2. Further, click on the TCP/IP tab from the menu.
  3. Choose the configure IP manually option.
  4. Finally, you need to enter the same IP address as stated above, and then press ok.

Step 6- Factory reset the Linksys wireless router 

After following the above steps, if you are still getting the blinking power led light on your Linksys router, you should factory reset the router.

  1. Please Switch on your Linksys wireless router.
  2. Take a safety pin or paper, press & hold the reset button on your router for one minute.

Now release the button and reboot the Linksys wifi router. Now set up your router from the beginning. Your router will start working fine.

Step 4- Ping your router now

Once you configure the manual IP address into your computer, you should go ahead, ping your router now.

Let’s initiate the run box again and type ping in the address box and press ok.

If you can ping from your Linksys router successfully, go ahead and follow the next step. Further, if it doesn’t ping from your router, you should jump to step 6.

Step 5 – Update the Linksys router firmware to fix Linksys power light blinking

Sometimes, firmware can be a big reason for Linksys router power light blinking issues. Firmware is installed software inside the router which handles all the router functions.

When the firmware is outdated, as well as flushed from your router it won’t be able to work.

Further, you have to update the firmware on your router according to your version. You can download the newest firmware from https://www.linksys.com/us/support/.


So, this is the complete guide to get the Linksys router flashing power light problem fixed. I hope your router should have a green or blue light.

In case nothing works indicate a hardware issue with your Linksys router. In conclusion, replace your faulty Linksys router.

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