How Do I Fix Macbook Pro WiFi Slow Problem ?

I don’t know why, but the wifi internet is running slow on my macbook pro. My other devices are also connected through the same network. They all are working fine.

Can somebody explain how do I fix it?

Recently, I had the same issue with my macbook pro. Whenever I was running the internet via wifi, it was running horrible.

But If I switch the connection and use the ethernet cable for the internet. It was working fine.

At that time, I did a few things to troubleshoot the slow wifi internet problem on macbook pro. you may use them to fix your issue.

  • Let’s move your apple macbook pro nearby your wifi access point. Now run an internet speed test.
  • Switch off the router for 2 minutes, now switch on it. Now connect your macbook to the wifi.
  • I did change the wifi security type. I had switched it to the WEP 64 bit.

After changing the security type, I am no more a victim of a slow wifi connection.

Whenever wifi is running slow on the apple mac pro, the wifi router and macbook itself can be responsible for it.

But the good news is, this issue is not very serious. you can quickly troubleshoot the problem by using the useful tricks given below.

Things you need to on mac pro to fix the slow internet problem –

Run a test speed
Before applying any troubleshooting steps on a mac pro, you should start with the internet speed test.

You should write down the speed download and upload speed on the piece of paper.

So when you make any changes in the settings, you can rerun the speed test and compare if anything is happening or not.

To check the internet speed, you may visit:

Run A Network Diagnostics-

Let’s run a network diagnostics to understand, why is wifi running slow on the apple macbook pro? This is a fantastic tool in macbook pro, which shows the report about network issues.

Here, I am sharing the steps about how will you use it.

  • Click on the Apple menu icon and select system preference.
  • Select network, and choose network diagnostics.
  • Select the Wifi adapter and click on the continue button.

Now your macbook will start diagnosing the issue if it will find any settings which need to be changed. It will display them in the report.
Once you get the report, you should do all the changes which are required.

If you perceive any difficulty, feel free to comment down below. We will help you with that as well.

Forget Network And Reconnect It-

Let’s remove the wifi profile from the mac pro and re-add it.

  • Go to the network preferences.
  • Click on wifi and hit the advanced button.
  • Click on the Network tab, select your wifi name and press the – icon to remove it from the wifi.
  • Now try to reconnect with the same wifi.

Move Your Macbook Pro Nearby Your Router-

Is your apple mac pro available within the wifi range?

If you are getting 2 or 3 wifi signal bars only, this means you have a weak signal.

In such a case, you should move your macbook nearby your wireless router. Now check, if the signal bars are increasing.

This means, your wireless router is broadcasting the signals in a limited area only.

In such a case, you have to use the range extender to increase the wifi range.

Power Cycle The Macbook Pro And Wireless Router-

Let’s switch off your wireless router and macbook pro for a couple of minutes.

Now turn them back on and connect it to the wifi.

Change The Wireless Channels –

Sometimes, a user may face the slow wifi problem on macbook pro due to the wireless channels.

When your router is not broadcasting the excellent signals, you should change the wireless channels. To improve the wireless signals, you may use the tricks given below.

  • Go to the wireless settings under the router’s admin panel.
  • Select the wireless channel as 9 or 11 and click on save settings.

After changing the settings, you should wait for 1 minute and then recheck the wireless signal strength.

Use The WEP 64-Bit Security For Wifi Router-

If you are using unsecured wifi, you should enable wifi security. When you are going to create a new password, you should use the WEP 64 encryption type.

The WEP 64 bit is very secure and light encryption. It works very well with the Atheros adapters.

Also, this security is acceptable by every device.

If you are using any other security type, you should consider replacing them with the WEP and see it makes any changes or not.

Optimize The Web Browsers-

Whenever you feel like- wifi is running slow on macbook pro.

You should install the new browser into your mac pro, and do the web surfing on it.

If the wifi works faster in the new browser, it means there is nothing wrong with your network settings.

Your web browser needs optimization. That’s why it is loading the websites slowly.

You can optimize the web browser manually, or there are some tools available on the internet. you may use them to clean the web browser.

I always trust on Ccleaner for optimizing the web browser. you may also use it on your apple macbook pro.

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