Fix Something Went Wrong Error On Hotmail / Live Mail

Recently, Hotmail and live mail users are encountering a strange problem with their email account. Each time, they try to login after entering the details. They are getting an error message says, “Something went wrong error on Hotmail“mailbox couldn’t find

Especially if they are using the earlier version of Safari 10.0.01 if you are also one of them, who are facing a similar problem with your Hotmail account. Do not worry; we are here to help you.


something went wrong error message in hotmail

Possible reasons behind something went wrong message in Hotmail / MSN account-

  1. Your account is unable to sync with the Hotmail server.
  2. Browser issue.
  3. Network Issue.

Now we know the most common reason behind mailbox couldn’t open error message on Hotmail. Let’s go ahead and fix it.

Change the alias name-

Sometimes an email with old alias names like- or might not be able to sync with the outlook server.

We can say, it can be due to the server glitch. So you should make another alias name into the and make it as a primary name.
To create a new alias name for your email account, you can follow the instructions given below.

your info hotmail something went wrong


  • Now click on the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft
  • Let’s click on add email.

something went wrong in hotmail, mailbox couln't found


  • Now type your same username and select the as the domain.
  • Click on add alias

mailbox couldn't found


  • Now click on make primary and click on yes button.

something went wrong error in hotmail


Finally, you need to sign out the account and try to login with your outlook alias. The password will be the same.

Browser issue-

Most of the time, People are getting something went wrong error message on the Hotmail account due to the browser issue.

The internet explorer 7.0 and safari 10.0.0 browser are not able to load the outlook mailbox properly.

So in such case, you should install the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your pc and then sign in your account there. I am sure it will work fine, and you will not have any problem with your account anymore.

If you are unable to open the mailbox on the recent browsers, it can be due to the cookies. So you need to delete the cookies and enable the required extensions.

Check Network Settings –

Let’s try to log in your Hotmail account on a different network and see if you can log in there successfully or not.

If you can log in there, it means the issue is related to the network. So you need to check the proxy settings and change DNS address. If required.

So these are the essential tips about how to fix something went wrong error message in Microsoft Hotmail or live mail.

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