Fix Yahoo Mail App Not Working On Mobile Devices?

Whenever the yahoo mail app not working on the phone, users have to check their emails on laptops. It is not easy to check every email on the laptop every time of the day.

Yahoo mail app is a very user-friendly mobile email app for them, who use their phone to check the emails. Yahoo users can easily read, send, and forward emails with the help of this app.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android-based devices. If we talk about the performance review, this app is very convenient.

People who are using this app they are rarely complaining about any issues regarding this app.

We well know, technology may fail some times. Yahoo mail app also gets the issue as well. Sometimes, the yahoo mail app may not respond or crash on the mobile devices.

If you are also struggling through the yahoo mail app, not working problem, follow the directions to fix the problem.

Reasons behind yahoo mail keep crashing

Before we discuss the solution to this problem, Firstly, We should talk about the causes of yahoo mail app crashing or not working problems.

  1. Low storage space.
  2. App cookies have been full.
  3. Yahoo mail app is out of date.

These may be the few common reasons behind yahoo mail app crashing issues. Now it’s time to fix this issue.

This article is covering the instructions for both types of devices, IOS, and android.

So you should follow the instructions according to your devices.

How To Fix Yahoo Mail App Not Working Problems On iPhone?

Follow the steps on the iPhone for fixing the yahoo mail app.

Reboot The iPhone to fix the yahoo mail app not working

Restarting any device can solve most of the issues. Just like that when your app is not responding firstly reboot your phone once.

Now open the iPhone, and start using the app.

Check For The App Update

An older yahoo mail app will never perform better, and it will keep creating issues for you. Few new updated features may also not work with the old applications.

  • Get into the app store and click on your profile picture.
  • Scroll Down and look for the app update.
  • If you see your yahoo app in the update list go ahead and update it.

Clear The App Data

When the Yahoo mail app is not working on your iPhone check the storage first.

The app may crash due to space issues. So, if your yahoo app is taking more than 500 MB of space in your phone, you should consider deleting the app and install it again using the app store.

To remove the app, you may follow the instructions given below.

  • Let’s close the yahoo mail app and move to the iPhone settings.
  • Under general settings, select iPhone Storage.
  • Tap on the Yahoo mail app to remove from your phone.
  • Click on the delete app. Finally, you will see a confirmation message. Click on yes.
  • Once you remove the app, you should go back to the app store, and download the new app.

Update The iPhone

Check ios version update of iPhone. An outdated version of phone software can create a synchronization issue with the yahoo mail app.

After installing the new yahoo mail app it is not working on your iPhone in case of a check for the iPhone software update.

Please make sure that the software is up to date.

  • Continue to the settings on your iPhone again.
  • Tap on the general tab option and click on the Software update.
  • If you see any update pending, Click on the download and install button.

Now your phone will download and install the new software for your iPhone.

Yahoo mail not working on android phone

There are lots of users who use the yahoo mail app to their android phones. Just like other phones, yahoo mail not working issue may occur on Android phones also. Follow the instructions below to fix the yahoo mail app issue on android phones:

Restart The Phone

Firstly, you should shut down your android phone for 2 minutes and now turn on your phone.

Once your phone reboots, you should leave it free for one more minute. Do not open any app.

After waiting a minute, you may open the yahoo mail app, now see if the yahoo app is working or still giving not responding error.

Clear The App Cache

Whenever you try to open the yahoo mail app and its start crashing, delete the app cache files. Clearing the yahoo mail app cache can be done by the following steps:

  • Hold the yahoo mail app.
  • Click on the app info.
  • Now tap on phone storage.
  • Touch the clear cache button.

These options may differ from phone to phone and depends on your phone model.

Update The Yahoo App

Likewise iPhone you need to keep update the yahoo mail app on your android phone.

  • Initiate the play store on your phone.
  • Please tap on the menu icon, and click on my apps and games.
  • Select your yahoo mail app from the play store and tap on the update button.

Finally, The phone will download the latest files and install the updates.

You may leave your phone free as well as connect the charger. Once the update will be installed.

The App Is Incompatible

Please ensure that your yahoo mail app is compatible with the version of your phone. If the yahoo app is not compatible with your phone, it will not work fine and you will keep getting the not responding error.

Reinstall The App For yahoo mail app not working Issue

Reinstall your Yahoo mail app in case the above instructions won’t fix the yahoo mail app is not working on your android phone. you should remove the app from the phone.

  1. Go to mobile settings and click on the Apps tab.
  2. Find the Yahoo mail app and select uninstall the app.
  3. Further, it will take a few seconds and the Yahoo mail app would remove from your phone.

Reboot your phone after reinstalling the new yahoo mail app.

So these are the instructions about how to fix the yahoo mail app not responding problem. I believe it will be useful to you.

If you have any other queries. Please let us know.


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