How To Fix AOL Mail Error 604 Message Sent Failure?

I am trying to send some emails from my aol account. But every time, I am getting delivery failure error message with aol mail error 604 code.

What Should I Do to fix The problem?

Generally, People get AOL mail error code 604 on their Email Client software like- outlook, AOL Desktop, etc.

This Problem occurs due to the Weak internet connection or sometimes no connection.

So you should check the internet connection First. Also, disable the firewall system on your computer.

AOL Mail Error 604 shows the delivery failure problem. This problem comes due to the few common reasons.

  1. Connection Problem.
  2. SMTP Error.
  3. Account configuration error.

These are the three primary reasons behind AOL error 604. Now let me take you to the solution about how can you fix them.

Troubleshooting step 1-

most people get this kind of error message when they have a problem with their internet connection. So you should check the settings and be sure your internet is working perfectly fine.

Also, if you are using any kind of firewall or antivirus security program, You should disable them for a while and then try to send an email.
Let’s see do you still get error code on your computer. If yes! Then proceed for step 2.

Troubleshooting step 2-

Let’s try to access your AOL account using AOL website. If you face login problem, you can visit: how to fix AOL email login problems.

Now send an email. If it gets deliver successfully, This means the problem is with the SMTP configuration.

In such a case, you need to check the account configuration on your mail application. Be sure you have used these settings for the outgoing server.

Outgoing server Address –

Port no- 465

Encryption Type- SSL

If you face email receiving issues, you can visit: why can’t I receive new emails on AOL account.

Troubleshooting Step 3 (Fix AOL Error 604)-

If you have tried the above steps but somehow It does still not allow you to access the AOL account. In that case, You should remove the existing account for the application.

And consider it to re-add it using the valid AOL account password and settings.

Troubleshooting Step 4-

Also, check for the software update. There might be an update required for the AOL mail application. That’s why it is not able to deliver the emails and giving you AOL mail error 604.

So you should check for the email update regularly.

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