Reply To: How to save photos in iCloud and delete from my iPhone?


Javier Brown

It seems you have an issue about lack of available storage space on your iPhone. In this situation, you should activate the “Optimise iPhone Storage” option.

After activating it will safely save all the pictures and videos in iCloud storage. All the iPhone pictures and videos will resize to a lower resolution.

You will still be able to see them, but if you want to edit or transfer them, an Internet connexion must be needed. It will download the original image from iCloud storage.

  1. Open your iPhone and go to the Settings app
  2. Scroll down the menu and select on “Photos” (for iOS 11) or “Photos & camera” (for iOS 10 and earlier)
  3. Now turn on the “Optimise iPhone Storage” option

Now your phone needs an Internet connection, and it will automatically upload all the new pictures on iCloud.