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Itzel Romaguera

Yoga is already described. Yoga can say “Yog” and meaning of word yog in the Hindi language is called addition. It means yoga can add anything means positive.

Yoga can feel lots of positiveness in life. There are lots of things and humans around us who always criticize or de-motivate us. It creates anxiety or negativity. Yoga can remove it.

There are lots of benefits of yoga which increase your mental and physical power. It expedites body cells to cure any type of physical infliction and increase your life.

There are some points below which describe advantages of yoga-

  • Yoga removes the blockage of veins and increases the flexibility of muscles. It makes muscles strong.
  • In yoga, we intake lots of breath in a symmetric way, which increases the amount of oxygen in the body and cells. The good rhythm of breathing continuously strong the lungs.
  • We don’t know exactly how, but yoga fixes the disturbed metabolism of the body. A good metabolism is responsible for strong cells and energy.
  • Yoga reduces weight. Weight is one of the biggest issue every second man on the earth. I am glad to say yoga reduces unnecessary fats.
  • In yoga sometimes we have to stay calm for a few minutes. It is very beneficial for mental health. It calms your mind and starts healing damage cells.

I can not explain all the benefits here, but if you want for any specific problem please comment below. I will give your answer.

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