Reply To: Why my belkin router is blinking orange and blue ? No Internet?


Katelynn Tillman

As far I can understand, you have flashing amber light on belkin router due to the few reasons only.

  • Connection trouble
  • using an outdated router firmware
  • Mac Address Problem

let’s try the options given below to fix your belkin router blinking orange issue.

Cable connection Problem- Check the cable connection between belkin wifi router and modem. be sure both of them are connected to the each other properly.

Do not forget to check the Ethernet cable as well. in some cases, people deal with no internet problem due to the faulty ethernet cable.

Firmware Issue- usually, firmware issue comes on old belkin router. but sometimes, it can be on a new router as well. so you should check for the firmware update as well.

Mac Address Problem – in certain cases, people get blinking orange light on belkin router due to the device identification problem.
To identify the device, you need to clone the mac address and then try to access the network again.

Did you reach to the website or still going through no internet problem?
Note– Before doing the mac cloning you need to connect your pc to the Belkin wifi router via ethernet cable. do not perform mac cloning via wifi connection. otherwise, your router will not work.

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