Reply To: Why my belkin router is blinking orange and blue ? No Internet?


Brenda R. Guerro

Hello johnny,

being a router technician, i see so many similar cases every day.

according to me, most of the time, people face get belkin router blinking orange light problem, if they are using an old belkin router.

let me tell you why?

when people setup there router in the network. they forget to care about it or updating the router firmware and other settings.

we all know about the progress of technology. it is enhancing day by day.  so when you do not update the router for a long time. it get outdated.

so i will suggest you to go ahead and try to update the router settings first .

also, if it is still not working, you need to go ahead and reset the router and reconfigure it.

to reset the router, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • take a pin or pen.
  • look at the back or bottom of your router, you will find the red color button. you need to press and hold it for 20 seconds with the help of pin or pen.
  • once you will release the router button, you need to go ahead and power cycle your belkin wireless router for once, and then setup it again.
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