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How To Fix Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages:

Usually, people get “brother printer is blinking blank pages” error due to the few basic reasons.

  •  Cartridge Problem.
  • Communication fault.
  • Printer hardware problem.
  • Printer service issue.

Here I am sharing the instructions to fix it. you can try these steps one by one. It will fix the issue.

Cartridge Problem-

Cartridge issue is one of the most common issues behind brother printer printing blank pages issue.

When your ink cartridge doesn’t have enough ink to print a paper or it is not set up properly.
It can cause brother printer printing blank pages issue.

So First of all, you should check the ink label. You can easily check the ink status using brother utility tool.

Also, disconnect your ink cartridge from the printer and reconnect it.

After doing this, try to print something from your printer, Let’s see if it is printing fine or not?

Communication Fault-

Sometimes, you can have brother printer printing blank pages due to the network connection issue.

When your brother printer is receiving weak signals from the wifi. It could be the reason for blank pages.

So try to place your brother printer near your router. And then try to print something. It will start working fine for you.

Also, If you are using your brother printer via a USB connection, I would suggest you remove the cable from the computer and reconnect it.

Hardware Issue-

If you have followed above steps but your brother printer still printing blank pages.

It means, there is a hardware fault with your printer. Maybe the ink cartridge is not functioning or printing header is not working fine.

So you should replace them once, and then try to print something.

These instructions will help you in fixing the brother printer printing blank pages.

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