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Open HP printer box and find out the accessories. You must have given items in the box-

  • A printer
  • Power adapter with power cord
  • Printer connection wire
  • HP installation disc
  • Menu and some papers.

There might be more items depends upon the models.

Steps for HP printer installation-

Connect your printer with the computer through connection wire given in the box. One point will connect behind the printer and another(USB) with the computer machine.

Now put HP installation disc in your computer DVD drive.

Connect power cord with your printer and turn on the power supply. The printer will start checking itself by moving its parts.

Now double click on installation disc and run the HP installation setup. Follow the steps given on the screen one by one and click next or finish.

It will take a few minutes till the time put some printing paper inside the printer. Once setup finishes, it will print printer information automatic.

Now your hp printer is ready and connected to your computer for printing. You can give the command for printing.

You can write in the comment below if having any trouble.

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