Reply To: How Can I Update Firmware On Belkin Wireless Router?


Katelynn Tillman

Updating Router Firmware time to time is very necessary. Follow the steps below and update your router firmware-

  1. Type in the address bar of your browser and log in by using admin as username and password also admin. In some case, the password can be password also.
  2. Now you have the router set up page open. Go to Firmware Update from right side options.
  3. Click on Check Firmware and route will start downloading the latest firmware from Belkin server. In this case, you must have the internet connection with your router.
  4. If you don’t have internet connection download firmware from belkin website and use browse button for uploading firmware which you have downloaded from Belkin server.
  5. After updating firmware restart your router.

Sometimes firmware doesn’t install. In this situation reset your Belkin router as factory default and then try to update the firmware.

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