Reply To: How Can I Update Firmware On Belkin Wireless Router?


You can easily update the belkin router firmware by following the steps given below.

Step 1 –

To update the firmware, you need a latest software. that you can get from belkin official website. all you need to do just visit belkin’s official support website.

now you need to type your model number in the search box and press enter. for example i have chosen belkin n150 router here:

finally you will able to see list of available firmware. you need to choose the latest firmware and click on download.

Step 2-

after downloading the firmware, it’s a time to upload it on router. so you need to open the belkin router setup page.

and go to firmware update. now you will able to see the option for upload.

here you need to select the file destination and click on apply changes.

finally, your router will start updating itself. this process may take few minutes. so do not turn off the router.

during this time, you might loose the internet connection for a while. so do not worry, just wait once the router firmware will be updated. your router will start working fine.

somehow, if you still can’t access the internet. you need to visit:

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