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Kay N. Grijalva

nowdays, belkin n300 are the smart wifi router. when you will try to setup them for the first time, you have to configure them manually.

it’s not just game of plug in the cables only. yes! it’s a part of the game but in the method of configuring the wireless router. you have to configure the router settings manually.
as you can see the first step has already been described in the above answer.

so i will not waste your time on repeating it.
all i will say, just make the connection, as they have guided you.
and then go through this process.
1. Open the web browser and type in the top address bar.
2. now you will able to see belkin configuration page, here it will ask you to setup internet connection, so you need to click on detect my connection button.
3. once you will hit the button, your router will detect the connection, you will able to see wireless network information.

if you want change the username and password, you can go ahead and change it. otherwise write this information down on the paper and click on next button.
4. after this process, your belkin router will start looking for the firmware update (if available).
5. here, you will get the registration page, if you want to register your product right now then you do it, otherwise you can click on register later.
Finally, your router will start working fine. in case, if your router is not working. you may visit on:
how to fix belkin router blinking orange and blue problem

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