Reply To: How To Install Linksys Wireless Router In My Home Network?


Norberto Ruecker

Is it a linksys smart wifi router or a simple wireless router. if your answer is smart wifi router.

you have to run linksys connect software to setup your router. you can easily get this software from linksys official website.

once you will run this software on your computer. you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • accept the license and click on next.
  • you will able to see router setup process window now, simply click on next.
  • now your linksys connect software will start detecting the linksys router in the network. once it will find the router. it will generate the username and password for your router. if you want to change it then you can do that otherwise click on next.
  • once you will setup the username and password and hit the next button, your router will start detecting the internet connection. this may take few minutes.

once it will setup the router, it will give you a congrats message! you can simply click on finish and start connecting your devices with the wifi.

but If it is unable to detect internet connection. you may visit:  why my linksys router has no internet?

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