Reply To: Why Is My Linksys Router Not Working? Showing No Internet Status.


James L. Hammer

Let’s try these tricks to fix linksys router not working problem:

  • Power cycle the devices: first of all you should power cycle the modem and router. after turning them back on, you need to wait for one minute. so you router & modem can detect each other.
  • Check Cable connection- in so many cases, i have seen people dealing with linksys router stopped working problem. due to the loose cable connection or faulty ethernet cable. so you should check the cable connection. also try to replace the cable and install a new cable. now try to access the internet. let’s see what do you see now.
  • Firmware Update- did you try to update the firmware on your router. most of the time, people face such kind of problem. due to the outdated firmware. so you should check the firmware settings first.
  • Factory restore: if you fail in troubleshooting the linksys router. i will suggest you to factory restore your linksys router. and then wait for one minute. once your router will be up. you need to configure your router again. for more information, you may visit:

How can i setup linksys router?

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