Reply To: How Can I Setup Netgear WIFI Router Without CD?


Kay N. Grijalva

You can easily install netgear router without a cd? it’s not a big deal at all. just follow the steps given below.

  • Power off your internet modem completely.
  • Get an ethernet cable and use it to connect your modem your modem from yellow port of the netgear router.
  • Get another ethernet cable, and connect it from your computer to the any empty port of the netgear router.
  • Now it’s a time to power on your modem, netgear router and computer. so go ahead and power them up and wait for 30 seconds.
  • Once you will get solid blue light on your netgear router, you need to open the web browser into your computer. in case, if your netgear router has blinking orange light, you need to check the connection again.
  • Type router’s ip address in the top address bar, and press enter.
  • here you will automatically detect the internet connection, once it will be connected to the internet. you will get congrats message. you need to click on take me to the internet.
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