Reply To: How Do I Fix Something Went Wrong Error Message In Hotmail By Myself?


Donato VonRueden

when you fall into something went wrong problem in hotmail account. it can be due to the several reasons:

  • Browser is junky.
  • Outlook server problem.
  • Hotmail account needs an update.
  • Network Issue.

here we are sharing some useful methods for fixing the hotmail account problem. you may go ahead and try to access the account using the instructions given into this account.

  • First of all, clean your web browsers. delete the history, cookies from your browser and then try to login to your account. now let’s see do you still get something went wrong error message?
  • Are you getting this error message on a single device only, or you are getting this error message on all devices? if you are getting this error message on a single device, this problem can be related to web browser. so you have to change the web browser. also update the java plugin.
  • if you have an email, you need to change the alias name of your email account. to create a new alias name with

To create a new alias, you need to visit:

  • After changing the alias name, you need to login to your outlook account with the new alias name, let’s see if it working fine now or not.

after following all these instructions, i am sure you will get rid of something went wrong error message.

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