Reply To: Why Hotmail is not working | Outlook not responding


Donato VonRueden

There could be much reason behind Hotmail or Outlook not working responding problems. You may also contact Outlook or Hotmail for account accessing problem or Try below simple steps-

  1. First, you should check your internet connection. Sometimes your internet line is down and won’t able to access your email account.
  2. If the internet is working fine check outlook down or up status. Possible outlook would down for a while in your area. Check status from
  3. It is important to clean your browser and update time to time. (Delete The Browser History) (Delete Cookies From Browser) (Reset The Browser)
  4. Delete old created email filters. It is possible an email filter can block your emails.
  5. Remove forwarding if you did it before. Forwarding can forward all emails to other emails.
  6. By mistake, people block their known emails. Go ahead and unblock those emails from settings.

If you some question please write below.