Reply To: How To Fix My AOL Desktop Not Responding Problem? AOL Gold Not Working


Kay N. Grijalva

Usually, users face AOL desktop not responding problem due to the few primary reasons:

  1. Incompatible software.
  2. Program is hanging.
  3. Virus Issue.
  4. Software is outdated or corrupted.

So here I am going to share the guide to repair the AOL desktop gold software. You can go ahead and use it to fix the problem.

 Check Compatibility – 

First of all, you should begin by checking the compatibility settings.  Be sure your computer is capable of installing this program.

When you plan to install the AOL desktop software on a computer. It should match with the minimum hardware requirement.

  1. 266 MHZ or faster processor.
  2. Minimum windows 7 operating system.
  3. 1024*768 screen resolution.
  4. 1 GB RAM and 512 MB Hard drive.

If your computer does not exceed this requirement, you need to upgrade your pc first. Then plan to install the AOL desktop software.

Program is hanging- 

This can another reason behind AOL desktop not responding problem. When you try to load the open the AOL desktop application, and it sticks in the middle.

You should go to the task manager and check the processing report. to do that you need to follow the steps available below.

  1. Go to the task manager using Taskmgr command.
  2. Click on the Processes tab and scroll down to find the AOL desktop program.
  3. Once you will see the application. you need to click on it and click on end process.
  4. Now close the task manager and reboot the computer once.

After rebooting the computer, you should try to open the desktop program again. let’s see if it is working or still giving you

“AOL desktop gold not responding “error message?


Disable the Firewall and security:

sometimes, you might AOL desktop not responding error message due to the antivirus or firewall issue. they might be blocking the program. that’s why it is unable to communicate with the AOL mail server and giving you not responding error message.

So you should disable the security programs like- firewall, antivirus and proxy servers for a while.

Now try to open the application.

Setup is corrupted or outdated:

If you have recently installed the AOL desktop software on your computer. but still not working. it could be due to the corrupted or outdated software.

so you need to download the new AOL desktop program from AOL’s official website. I am going to give you the link for that. you can use it.

now uninstall the existing AOL desktop application and install the AOL desktop software using new setup.