Reply To: How To Fix Asus Laptop Sound Not Working? Asus laptop No Sound


Harold E. Claypool

Generally, users are facing Asus laptop sound not working problem due to several reasons like-

  •  Speaker problem.
  •  Driver issue.
  •  Application problem.
    Now let me take you to the next step. Where you will get an opportunity to fix the Asus laptop audio problem.

Unmute the sound first- 

As Mr. Kay, Grijalva has already discussed the mute function. So first of all, you should unmute the sound on your laptop first.

User speakers or earphone – 
If you have an earphone or external speaker. You should install it with your laptop. Now try to play music. Let’s see if you can hear any sound or not. If you can really hear the sound.

This means the problem is related to the speakers. In that case, you should replace the speakers.

Fix Audio Settings or sound driver issue – 

When you don’t get the sound from external speakers as well. It reveals the windows audio settings related problem.

So firstly, you should start with reviewing the default audio settings on your Asus laptop. If everything looks fine there.
You should uninstall the sound driver from the laptop and reinstall the latest version of the audio driver.

Fix application problem- 

If you don’t get the sound from a specific application, while you can hear the sound from other applications.

it signifies you have muted the sound for that particular program. That’s why you are not receiving sound from your Asus laptop.

In this situation, you need to visit the volume mixer and allow that particular program to play music.

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