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Judy C. Battiste

If you are facing Sound is not working on Asus laptop windows 8 or windows 10 pc.
It could be because of the presence of multiple sound drivers into your laptop.

I did some research on the audio problem. there, I noticed whenever your laptop accepts an update from windows. It will also install the secondary audio drivers into the laptop sometimes.

While you decide to play audio on your laptop, both drivers will clash with each other and it begins to the Asus laptop sound not working problem.

so you should review the device manager. If you get two or more sound drivers available into your laptop, you should just uninstall all of them and later reboot your Asus laptop.

Once your laptop will be rebooted, it will automatically place the best driver for itself.

for uninstalling the sound driver from Asus laptop, you can follow the directions given below:

1.    Right click on My computer icon and click on manage (you can also run devmgmt.msc to open the device manager).

2.    Click on the computer management tab and click on device manager.

3.    Now expand the sound, game and video controller option.

4.    Choose your audio driver, right click on it and click on uninstall.

5.    Verify the confirmation box and press the ok button.


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