Reply To: How Do I Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Problem?


James L. Hammer

I had a similar problem with my Lenovo laptop. that time, I had called the Lenovo laptop expert At toll-free- 1800-301-8767. they had fixed my problem. you should also call them once.

Here, I am sharing some quick tips about how can you fix the Lenovo laptop audio problem. you can follow them for troubleshooting the sound issue.

  • Try to increase the sound on your laptop. maybe you have muted the audio by mistake. that’s why you are going through the Lenovo laptop audio problem.
  • check for the driver update. most of the time, people struggle with the sound not working issue due to the outdated driver.
  • plug in the headphone into your Lenovo laptop, and then try to play audio. let’s see if you can hear any noise now or not?
  • Later, if you are still going through the audio problem. I will advise you to reset the laptop.

If you still struggle through Lenovo laptop sound not working issue, you need to contact Lenovo.

note- factory reset process will delete all application installed into your computer. so do it on your own risk.

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