Reply To: How Do I Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Problem?


Sue A. Davis

When you face sound problem with your lenovo laptop. first of all, you need to check following things.

  • Driver issue.
  • sound is muted.
  • speaker problem.
  • incorrect audio settings.

These are four common reasons. let me explain about how can you fix them.

Driver issue-  when people have an outdated or incompatible sound driver into there lenovo laptop. it will surely cause sound not working issue.

in this case, you should check for the driver update first. to update the sound driver you may follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to device manager.
  • Click on sound, game and video controller.
  • Right click on your sound driver and click on update.

Uninstall Duplicate Sound Driver- 

you should also need to be sure about duplicate or multiple sound drivers into your laptop. if you find two or many audio driver into your lenovo pc. you need to go ahead and uninstall them.

you can find the latest driver from lenovo’s official website

System restore- 

If both steps doesn’t work for you. you need to go ahead and restore your laptop to the back date. when the sound was working fine.