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Judy C. Battiste

How to Fix AOL Email Login Problems (Error code: Invalid username & password)–

If you can’t access AOL mail account on Computer or smartphone. Do not upset yourself.

Because Here I am sharing the essential guide to troubleshoot AOL mail login problem. You can use it to fix the problem.

Caps lock is on-

We all know, Email Passwords are always case sensitive. So you need to type them in the same format, as you have created.

Let’s say: If your password is: Elephant321

In this password, the first latter is in the capital latter, while resting of them in the small alphabet format.

So you have to type it in the same format. You need to turn on the Caps lock to type the E only, and then turn it off and kind other letters.

Just like that, whatever password you have created for the account. You need to type them in the same format.

If you have any doubt on typing the password in the browser, you can open the notepad and type your password on it.

Now copy it and click on paste in the AOL mail login page.

The Password has been changed –

If you are typing the correct password but still you are going through AOL email login problems. This means somebody has changed the login password for the AOL account.

That’s why you can’t sign into AOL account and getting the incorrect username and password error code.

In this case, you can try to reset the AOL password using the AOL mail sign in helper.

If you can’t access the AOL mail account, you need to call AOL official support.

They will ask some basic questions and reset the password for you.

Browser Autofill settings are incorrect-

If you can’t access AOL mail account using the autofill settings. It might be possible; you have changed the autofill settings by mistake.

That’s why it contains the wrong password and allowing you to fight with AOL mail login problem.

So you should update the autofill settings on your browser.

For example,- if you are using Google Chrome.   You can update the autofill settings using the details given below.

  1. Let’s open google chrome and click on the menu button.
  2. Click on the settings and then click on advanced settings.
  3. Select autofill settings.
  4. Now you will able to see the username and password for AOL mail account. You need to click on password.
  5. Now your browser will ask for the admin password. Here, you need to type the windows password and click on.
  6. Finally, you will able to see your AOL mail password. You need to remove it and type the new password. It will update the password for you.
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