Reply To: How Do I Reset My AOL Account Password?


Denise Schaefer

I will recommend you to create a password that is at least eight characters long and includes numbers and letters. Never use any similar words, like as your first or last name or the word “password.”

For phone support, you may contact the technician at AOL Support

Forgot your password? No worries! If you’ve forgotten the password for your AOL Mail account, it can be recovered easily. Just follow the steps below to reset your account with a new password.

Visit the Let’s reset your password page.
Type your username or email address in that text box.
Click Next.
Enter the email address you specified for account recovery.
Click Submit.
Enter the answer to your security question.
Click Submit.
Enter a new password, and then do it once more to verify that you are typing it correctly. It’s best to choose a secure, “hack-proof” password.
Click Submit again and then Continue.

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