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Kay N. Grijalva

May I know Which password are using as router password? You may also find the default password for your belkin router on the top or bottom of your router.

On the top or the bottom of your router, you will find a sticker, which will be filled by the router information, such as Username, password,  router’s IP address etc.

You should try to login to your router using that information.

If the given information doesn’t work for you. in that case, You have to restore your router.

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To restore your belkin router, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Power on your belkin wifi router.
  • Take a paper clip or pin.
  • Press & hold the reset button on your router for one minute.
  • Now release the button, and reboot your router once again.

Once you will get the solid blue or green light on your wifi router. you need to set up Belkin router again.

But you get solid orange or yellow light on your router. you need to visit :

Why is my Belkin router blinking orange?


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