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Sue A. Davis

Changing the speakers on the asus laptop can be little difficult and risky task. So do it by your own only if you are good in hardware related things.

Otherwise, Contact to local technician and ask them to fix the problem.

change speakers on asus laptop

As far the concern about how to change the speakers in asus laptop. I am sharing the steps for speaker replace. you may go ahead and use them.

  • Remove the battery from your laptop.
  • Unscrew the laptop, and keep all screws in a safe place. so you will not loose them.
  • Remove the keyboard from your laptop and remove the top panel gently.
  • Unplug the speakers from your motherboard.
  • Remove the wire gently.
  • Let’s Unscrew the speakers now.
  • Remove the speakers from your laptop now.
  • Take new speaker and screw them into your laptop.
  • Now Plug in the speakers into the motherboard.
  • After pluging it correctly, it’s a time to pack your laptop. so screw up your laptop.
  • Put the battery in.
  • Let’s power on your asus laptop, and try to play a video. let’s see if you can hear any sound from your laptop or not?

Somehow, If you don’t get the sound yet. Let’s put in external speakers and try to play an audio first.

But if you can hear the audio from them. then it’s a problem with the installation process. so you have to go ahead and install the router again.

but if you can’t hear the sound from external speakers also. in that case, you need to visit: how to fix sound is not working on asus laptop problem.


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  • This reply was modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago by  Sue A. Davis.
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