Reply To: How to change touch of mobile?


Alphonso Kassulke

You can easily change the touch screen of your mobile. First, you have to purchase the exact touch of your mobile model. Find out in Google search(like Samsung S6 touchscreen).

In the technology field touchscreen called digitizer. So it might possible you can get by digitizer rather than the touchscreen.

Once you would get your digitizer first remove the old not working touch screen. Digitizer stick with the mobile body using strong glue. This glue melts by a small amount of heat.

There is a machine which gives the right temperature which is required for removing digitizer. Don’t use blower or hair dryer it is very harmful to mobile chips. You have to put your mobile on that machine for a few minutes. See the picture below.

 After a few minutes, glue would melt and you can easily remove touch screen by using any stick. See the picture below.

Once it would be left the body of the mobile you can see touch is to attach with some wires. These are very important and it is responsible for data transmission. Simply remove these wire from their jack.

Now connect new digitizer jack pins in the same port as the old one was plugged very carefully. Now turn on your mobile and check is it working or not.

If it is working, slowly keep that touch on the place from where you have removed the old one. Use heating machine and light heat up the glue. Glue would melt and stick with the body of mobile.

Left your phone for cooling. After cooling glue would be stuck with the body of mobile and you are ready to use.


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