Can I make a drone at home?

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    Isidro Dooley

    Is it possible I can make drone at home? From where can I buy the parts and manual.

    Alphonso Kassulke

    Yes, it possible to make a drone in the home. you just need some technical knowledge. Parts are easily available in the market or online sites.

    Make sure you are using drone just for fun because its illegal now for flying in a restricted area.

    Bianka Mitchell

    I bought a drone from Amazon for my husband. He likes technology very much. That drone was very costly. My husband was telling that it can be easily made at home.

    After a few weeks, he made a new drone by himself. I will ask him how did he make that droneĀ at home.

    Anastasia Crist

    Drone parts are now easily available on the internet. You can buy it online. It comes with all the manual and how to connects all the parts.

    It is also available on Amazon website. Search on it or see thisĀ

    Hope Spinka

    Yes, you can make it easily at home. The drone has very lightweight parts which help in flying. You just need to but correct parts and assemble it.

    all the instruction may be available in the drone parts packets. Even Amazon also provide drone parts. You can buy it online.

    Linda Trask

    Interesting topic. Now I want to make my drone too.

    Ruthie Franecki

    My son was asking me to buy a drone for him. The drone was costly, which he was asking. I did search and found this question. Am thankful for all of the people who have written the answer.

    I read all the answers, and some solutions are beneficial. One answer is suggesting to buy parts online, and also it solves my problem. I showed this answer to my husband that he did find all the parts online from Amazon.

    Today he did assemble all the drone parts, and I am surprised it works. Our drone price is meager rather than market price. So thank you, guys.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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