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    Hope Spinka

    Actually, I’ve been looking for a good printer toner for a long time? I know well about toner in Brother. If you know if there is anything better than that, let me know.

    Philip Steuber

    Printer ink or toner expiration topic is very good for discussion. First, you need to know every toner has an expiration date. After a fixed time, toner keeps going sluggish and won’t able to move fluently. Sluggish toner may cause cartridge damage, so don’t use a toner if it expires.

    Toner is a dry black powder containing tiny metal particles. These metal particles use to charge and help for creating text form of print. So, if the black powder or metal is not smooth, you would not get a good print.

    After a fixed date of manufacturing or moisture creates powder clotted. These clotting easily damage printer parts like the printing drum or print head. Further, I would like to advise, avoid using old toner and always confirm the packing date of toner before buying.

    Apart from expiration, you can protect your printer by following a few simple steps. These steps can increase your printer life and always perform excellent printing.

    • Never use an expire or about to expire toner. Always buy any printer toner by seeing the packaging date.
    • Toner box must be sealed and not get moisture. Toner becomes in powder form, and a small amount of moisture can create clotting in it.
    • Always buy a new cartridge from the official company website. There are a lot of chances of duplicity on online shopping websites.
    • Avoid refilling of the cartridge, because refill toner can damage your printer and you would never get a good print.
    • Keep your printer moisture and dust-free. Always use good quality of the dry paper. Sometimes you would not get good print due to paper moisture. Even paper stuck problem mostly happen if the paper has moisture.
    • Time to time clean your printing drum or printing head with clean, dry cotton. Never rub the cotton on the head or drum, slide from one end to another.

    Further, anything else wants to know about printer and toner; please comments below.

    Isobel Roberts

    As you are saying, you have good knowledge about toner and still looking for some replica toner. As much I know, nothing is better than the original toner cartridge.

    If you think any third party cartridge can compare with the original one, it’s not possible. Let me explain to you in detail below:

    1. A printer company never disclose the details about their cartridge and ink uses in it. Nobody knows the combination of the exact chemicals which the company uses. So, all the third party cartridge available in the market tries to make it like the same but not the same.
    2. We can not compare the life of a third party cartridge with the original. The quality of hardware always becomes low than the original one. So, it creates a lousy printing experience.
    3. The most important and commercial difference is the number of the print. Original cartridge always gives extra copies rather than duplicate or third party cartridge.
    4. It is very high chances that a third party cartridge can damage your printer and its internal parts.

    There are many more reasons, but I think the above points are enough to avoid third-party cartridges.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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