How Do I Fix Brother Printer Error 35 ?

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    Sue A. Davis

    Whenever I try print something. I get error message says, Printer unable error 35. Can anyone tell me how can I fix this error message.

    Can you tell me quick way to fix brother printer error 35 problem?


    Judy C. Battiste

    Normally, People get brother printer error 35 due to the several reasons. Firstly, you need to reboot the printer, router and computer.

    Now wait for one minute. Now try to print something. Let’s see if it is printing any document or not?


    Anastasia Crist

    Error 35 usually shows on the computer screen with “brother error 35” message while using brother printer to print. Brother printer error message contains error codes and every problem has specific error codes. We can find out where is the exact problem with the help of these error codes.

    Unable to Print 35 error comes on the screen mostly due to two reasons.

    1. An external object like paper or a bunch of dust stuck inside the printer.
    2. Any mechanical problem with printer parts.

    There are some useful steps which may fix the printing error problem with your brother printer. Just follow below simple steps-

    Remove paper from your tray and restart your printer. It will remove stuck paper or dust by rolling itself. Still getting same error 35, open your printer front and upper panel with help of your hands. Just like the image below.

    Now, look inside properly. Sometimes we find out any stuck object or paper part. If you find out something remove it and close the printer scanner. Start your printer again and most possible it would solve your problem.

    After following all the above steps still giving the same brother printer error 35 shows some mechanical fault. You may contact with brother service from onside service.


    Rufus N. Mackenzie

    Here are some basic tricks to fix unable to print brother error 35 issue on brother printer, you can follow them to fix your issue.

    • Firstly, Cancel all print jobs available in the print queue.
    • Power off your brother printer.
    • Lift the printer header cover gently.
    • Do you see any paper stuck in the printer? If yes! you need to remove it carefully.
    • If you see your printer dusty inside. you need to clean it.
    • Now try to move the roller by your hand carefully and check do you feel any disturbance in movement? If yes!  you need to check carefully. there must be useless object presented. That will be interrupting your printer to print a document. So remove it immediately.
    • After cleaning your printer successfully, you need to put back the printer cover.
    • Finally, Turn on your printer, and print a document now.
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